Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just a few random things

Sometimes it's just fun to break the rules a little ;~) We actually ventured out on Black Friday... more to see the crowds but we did end up with a few good deals. Score!

For Chase's birthday Kare Kare gave him a gift card to Target... so I have been on the lookout for the perfect way to spend it. I have been eying up the Little People Farm because everywhere we go, Chase gravitates to this toy. Plus he has the tractor (thanks Aunt Christine) and every tractor needs a farm!

I held off having Chase buy it because Dannette assured me that it would go on sale soon and sure enough... a full $10 off this week! (thanks Dannette!)

So there we are in the aisle and he is looking at the farm in the box. Adam tells him to go ahead and grab it, we'll take it up and pay for it. Chase pulls it down on his own and proceeds to push the box from the toy department all the way to the cash register.

We got so many looks on the way. Most people smiled sweetly at this hilarious sight. There were a few cross eyed looks but it's either this or listen to him scream that he wants to push it. They'll just have to trust me that I was doing them a favor.

We get to the register and he tries valiantly to pick it up and place it on the belt. Yeah... not so much. He is only 3' tall. So I give him a lift and he places it on the belt. Then he hands the saleslady his 'monies' and pays for his purchase.

He walked out of Target so proud of himself.

As soon as we were home, we tore into his new farm. After wrestling with the packaging (seriously, someone PLEASE explain the need for all that twisty tie, cardboard, tape, wire crap they have going on... I'm willing to listen to whatever cockamamie explanation they have). I digress. Once the farm was free, Chase was in heaven.

Thank you Kare Kare for an awesome shopping experience!

In sad news... Chase had to get blood drawn yesterday. Just for the standard lead poisoning screen but still, a needle in the arm is not good times. Especially if the wing ding gets the needle in and then loses the vein. And I am stuck bear hugging my child, restraining his other arm while trying to wipe crocodile tears and tell him that it will be over soon.

Meanwhile wing ding keeps searching until he realizes he can't do it and more experienced nurse steps in. And she searches until finally she gets the vein. And I let out the breath I had no clue I was holding.


Note to self and doctors. Only experienced nurses will be drawing blood from my son from now on. If you need the practice, you can draw my blood... stay away from the boy.

Then (out of guilt I suspect) wing ding pulls out a lollipop and offers it to my tear-stained boy. This after repeatedly stating I had cookies for him... this guy whips out a lollipop... didn't even look at me for approval.


Now I am a pretty strict parent but even I won't take this from him... Chase earned a reward and if wing ding made the reward the lollipop, then the lollipop it is.

He enjoyed the heck out of that lollipop.

I should note here that up until this point Chase has only ever had 1 lollipop. It was a dum dum and he promptly bit through the stick so he had a little ball of hard unyielding candy rolling around his mouth. After quickly swiping it from his mouth Adam and I recovered from the stroke we had both just had. So we were a bit gun-shy about giving him lollipops...

So thanks wing ding. You're my favorite.

And from the ridiculously adorable files...

Bamma and Grandpa picked this up for Chase on their last adventure.

So cute I could pass out.

The dog even comes out of the little carrier. And it is every bit as soft as it looks... I think it could double as a pillow. I see this backpack getting A LOT of use!

Thanks Bamma and Grandpa!


Dannette said...

Glad you found the farm on sale! I'm sure Chase is enjoying it.

Laura said...

We had the same experience when they took blood from Victoria! What is up with the inexperienced poking needles at our little ones!

SissyKristin said...

omg this post is awesome!! that kid honestly gets cuter each day. my blood is boiling for you and "wing ding" (a nickname i will be adopting for the dopes i encounter). do i feel a farm tutorial video coming on!?!?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Cute pics! I was SO paranoid about lollipops with my first child. The 2nd one... not so much. Ha ha. Poor Sissy. I've become very relaxed in my old age. :-)