Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Road Trip

Yesterday Chase and I headed to Annapolis to visit Aunt Christine and Andrew.

We had some presents to open! ... Well, the kids had some presents to open ;~)

Because Chase was the guest, he got to open first...

A spaghetti playdoh factory! Or as Chase calls it "Spa-betty". Chase was thrilled with this and wanted to open it immediately. I told him we should leave it in the box right now but that we would play with it when we got home... luckily he agreed!

It's the Elmo kitchen set! Hmm... this might spoil the surprise of one of Andrew's Christmas presents... I hope he doesn't figure it out ;~)

When they weren't pushing each other they could be found being cute like this...

What is it with boys and pushing??

Chase's newest cheesy grin...

this is what I got when I asked him to smile for me. Look at those cavernous dimples... I could get lost in there.

Chase was straight chillin on the way home. Falling asleep was a little harder without the paci but after a full morning of playing and no nap... around 3:15 he fell out. Around 3:16 the gas light came on.

You would think I would know better by now... but noooooo.

I really thought nap was a lost cause. I took the next possible exit and tried to get in and out as quickly as possible... what I ended up with was 5 gallons of gas. Why only 5 gallons? For a multitude of reasons... first because it took me 8 minutes to get those 5 gallons. Then there was the 'too big to be necessary' diesel truck that pulled up behind me... just waiting to use the pump right next to mine. Is it my fault that they make them so close together??? Plus the aforementioned sleeping (or in my mind screaming) toddler.

Slow gas pump, a diesel truck almost literally breathing down my neck and a cranky 2 year old... awesome.

I slid back into my drivers seat and check the rear view mirror... unbelievably he is completely passed out.

It didn't even make a dent in his nap. It's times like this that I know there is a God in heaven.

Then he proceeded to sleep for 55 minutes... a full 10 minutes longer than he has EVER slept in the car. Again, God in heaven people.

Not 3 minutes after we walked in the door Chase turned to me and said "Spa-betty play doh now?"

Memory like a steel trap.

So we brought out the playdoh and had tons of fun!

Orange noodles (or as Chase calls them 'new-newles').

Now there is something unprecedented going on in this next picture...

did you spot it?

There are 3 colors of playdoh open and being played with at the same time.

Step back everyone, this is me growing.

I kid but it does hurt a little to know that the colors won't be separate anymore... in their nice neat little tubs. But it's playdoh... it's cheap and dries out quickly. Why not throw caution to the wind and let the kid be a kid.

So our home now has mixed playdoh and it feels good.


SissyKristin said...

Ha!! I LOVE IT! I was wondering when I suggested play doh for your cali plane ride if you would be a "doh" person or not. :-) I totally am, but it took me a long time to get over the fact that colors get mixed. The trick is remembering that we are out of fresh doh before I try to pull that one out of the closet. Apparently the children in our family don't like brown (or "marble" as uncapat calls it) as a fun color. Chase honestly gets cuter every week. I can't even take that grin!!!!!

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

had a blast and am thrilled that you are now mixing colors...:)

chocolate hug said...

oh man I cringe too mixing colours!

lmcarmitage said...

Mandy directed me to this post, too funny about the playdoh!! You are a braver woman than I for mixing!!