Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Ornaments

Merry Christmas Eve All!

Unfortunately I realized I was getting sick yesterday... inevitable since Adam and Chase have been ill lately. Oh well... I'm still going to enjoy the holiday!

I thought I would share a few more ornaments that mean something to me.

I am pretty sure my mom's friend Terri got this for her many Christmas' ago. I think the story goes that Terri saw it in the store and immediately thought of mom... I think she thought it looked like mom, you know, as a compliment. I just love it because I can totally see where Terri was coming from.

I think I (or we) bought this for my dad a long time ago... and since we inherited most the ornaments, now it gets hung on our tree each year ;~) Computer wizard is a complete understatement but Computer God of the Universe is long and boarders on sacrilegious.

Let me start the next one by saying that I rarely find anything with Chase's name on it... Chase just isn't all that popular of a name. So a few weeks ago Adam, Chase and I were at Michaels and saw cute little snowglobe ornaments. Just for giggles I checked to see if they had Chase... sure enough there was a slot but alas they were out. I was disappointed... I finally found something with his name and I couldn't get it.

Fast forward to this past Friday at MOPS. I look in my secret sister gift and what do I see...

It's just a small little ornament but it brought the biggest smile to my face. And now it has a great story ;~)

Ok, back to relaxing with the family on this beautiful Christmas Eve. I hope everyone is having a good day and really taking time to enjoy this holiday.

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