Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pictures from around the house

Things have been pretty slow lately... you know, what with no major snowstorms! It's been business as usual. So I thought I would bring you some scenes from the home.

Chase enjoying the spoils of his hard work!

After nap:

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't walk in on him like this. He just didn't want to get out of the crib right away... instead he lined up all his stuffed animals and then himself. I love the mind of a 2 year old!

Keeping busy:

I got these cute little ornaments from my secret sister before Christmas but never got the chance to use them so we broke out the paint and decorated!

Pardon the shirtlessness... I was too lazy to find him a cover shirt ;~) I just love how intense he is when it comes to painting.


Slippers and sleeping dog. If only he were that calm all the time. *sigh*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tie Breaker

Ok... according to my count it's a tie between #6 and #8!



Truth be told I love both of these patterns so I just can't decide. I hate to ask again but please help me! Vote for your favorite out of these 2... barring a tie, we should have a winner soon ;~)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baptism and Family

Sunday was all about this guy...

A very smiling Gabriel Ryan!

Because Adam had a rotary thing and we already had Bamma coming to babysit, I was able to attend on my own! I do love my family but once in a while, it's nice to get out and do something just for you... or for a 2 month old in this case ;~)

The fam! Seems like just yesterday we were here for HIS baptism... time sure does fly!

Adam and Stephanie (Godparents) getting Gabriel dressed in his tux... stylin' lil dude.

Andrew was a complete dream the entire service... I didn't hear him once! Of course I was focusing on taking pictures the whole time... anyone surprised there?

Gabriel and I have the same weird head tilt in pictures... we bonded over it.

While I was gone the boy was enjoying some nice weather...

albeit sunny weather. As this picture was being taken I can guarantee that Chase was pathetically whining "EYES! EYES!"

And every good snowfall needs a snowman...

Chase just happened to get an angry one! Doesn't matter, the smile on Chase's face more than makes up for the grimace on the snowmans.

To top off an already fun day, Uncle Nick and John were visiting so we had a family dinner at the M/FIL's house!

Chase was showing off his MagnaDoodle!

Chase was thrilled to see both of them... he 'calls' them on his phone at least every other day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rose and Josie come to visit!

Finally! We had scheduled a play date back on the 10th but you know... we got that little bit of snow which sidetracked our plans.

This beautiful little girl just sailed through a 2 hour ride from Baltimore to Hagerstown... yep, she's that awesome.

Every time I held Josie (which was whenever I could ;~) Chase would tell me "Mommy want sit on the floor" which is just his way of getting access to Josie.

Chase was immediately smitten with her.

I just love how Josie is looking up at her mommy... so precious!

This was the scene all day. Chase and Josie exchanging smiles.

I did my best to glam up our lunch. Italian bread with turkey or salami, cheese, avocado, diced olives and a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano. Pretty yummy if I do say so myself! Were we in a bistro in Italy or my duplex in Hagerstown???... hard to tell.

We do what we can ;~)

Motherhood definitely suits Rose... she is wearing it (and Josie) well! And I love this look from Josie... something tells me the thumb wasn't the finger she wanted to point at me. I am a little like the paparazzi... sorry kid!

Unbelievably Chase and Josie napped at the exact same time... almost to the minute! Chase went down with no argument in his crib and Josie passed out on Rose's chest. Which meant an entire hour and a half of uninterrupted adult conversation between Rose and I... that right there folks is a miracle of epic proportions!

Did I mention she's a genius?

While Josie was reading, I was holding Chase upside down... yep, that's life with a boy! Also, I DO EXIST... and also, this might be my new favorite picture of us! Thanks Rose!

Yep... I think she's sick of the camera!

Chase is aces at sharing so naturally...

he had to share his tent!

Although Chase learned an important lesson. If you aren't careful...

your tent might get hijacked.

Although they were here for most of the day, it went by way too fast .

I had a great time seeing both of you! Thanks SO much for making the drive out here... I know it's a doozy!

PS. I SO want a Moby now!

Making Cookies!

What better way to spend a morning than making and decorating sugar cookies!

Our 3 expert bakers... miraculously all looking in the general direction of the camera!

So as you can see, for all my desire to make and decorate cookies... I actually leave the work to my guests. I'm an impressive hostess, I know. Step back Martha.

3 two year olds all wanting to push a cookie cutter into dough at the same time is quite the scene. We (re: Bekah and Kari) did a good job on getting them to take turns.

And of course the decorating takes the utmost concentration. I bet this was how Picasso and Pollock started.


Thank you all so much for voting on the choice of fabric for my apron! It has been so much fun to see everyone pick their favorite(s)! I am going to leave it open for another day or two so if you haven't voted, head HERE and leave a comment!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calling all readers

Ok my dear sweet readers... I need your assistance.

I signed up for a sewing class at Joann Fabrics... Sewing 101 to be exact! It's a 2.5 hour class on a Saturday and the project is an apron.

The fabric is where you guys come in. As you know, I just bought a crapton (I think that's a real measurement) of fabric... so I thought I would have you guys pick from my stockpile! Leave your choice in the comment section!










10. All of these suck, go buy new fabric!

So please dear readers, let your voice me heard and vote on the fabric for my new apron!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A perfect Valentine's Day

What a lazy day... just what I wanted!

We woke up and promptly determined that we did not want to try a new church today. Yes I know, heathen central over here.

I couldn't stomach the thought of rushing to get out the door, attempting to keep Chase quiet through an entire service and inevitably end up out in the lobby while Chase explored every nook and cranny because he can't possibly sit still that long. Next week I will call on the in laws to help (they are the best babysitters in town!).

So we lazed about in the morning... and it was wonderful.

While putting Riley out back Adam decided to pull down one of our icicles...

As you can see it broke in 2 but holy icicle, that thing was huge!

Chase marveled at how much snow was on the deck and I marveled at how high it was compared to him!

After a wildly frustrating nap (sleep issues abound over here) Chase woke up to his Valentine's Day present!

New play doh!

Clearly our play doh needed to be replaced. Not only was it a nice shade of dirt brown, it was cracking and crumbling and just generally unpleasant to play with. Such as life with play doh!

Not only do we have more doh, we have some fancy new tools to use... although all Chase likes to do is "tut it up" with the "budder knife". I think he may be a chef one day.

My sweet valentine made me Apple Crisp with Gouda (all the ingredients just happened to be in the house [wink] [wink])

He must love me.

He also surprised me with flowers and a box of Russell Stover chocolates last night... again, he must love me. I am pretty sweet on him ;~)

In other news... I may have lost my mind.

I bought 12 different fabrics, 2 patterns, a zipper, 48 inches of boning and adjustable rings... and that was holding back. I didn't even step foot near the fleece section!

So here I am. I'm putting up my plans in hopes that I follow through with them... held accountable by the 8 people that read my blog.

I'll list the plans in order of the fabric...

1. Double sided cotton flannel baby blanket
2. Other side of #1
3. Tent structure to go over Chase's reading corner in his room
4. Other fabric to go with #3
5. Nursing cover
6. Nursing cover
7. Nursing cover
8. Nursing cover
9. Nursing cover
10. Nursing cover
11. Dress for me for the summer
12. Sleepy pants for me (that are long because I never find them long enough)

You may be wondering why so many nursing covers... I plan on putting them up on an etsy shop once I have them complete. I am scared like hell but I'm doing it anyway.

I am scared like hell to admit any of this on my blog.

Stupid accountability.

Wish me luck!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard 2010 Part 2 of The Sequel

Finally the sun has peaked through! Let the melting begin!

More snow to shovel... guessing another 5 or so inches... who can even keep track ;~)

Good thing the other side of the Jeep didn't look like this! All we need is one side dug out... the 4 wheel drive does the rest!

Adam and I figured the in laws might need a hand digging out (and want to see a super cute toddler in an adorable snowsuit) so we headed over.

That snow would be about arm height on Chase!

Turns out Joe is super human and managed to keep on top of the snow... they were completely dug out!

So we just took a look around the house...

Admiring the gorgeous (and slightly scary) icicles.

I just love my in laws backyard... it's always beautiful but the snow coverage, it just blew me away. Love the table in the foreground... now that is some snow accumulation!

Then we decided to not let all this snow go to waste... time for some serious playing!

Well after the Grandpa and Bamma picture!

Packed snow on a road where no one is driving = perfect sledding conditions!

Daddy did a bit of a tuck and roll here. He may say it was on purpose but I think we all know better ;~)

Pulling Chase up and down the road.

Now Mommy's turn!

Even Bamma takes him for a spin!

I attempted to get Chase and Daddy going down the hill but it ended up more me just pulling them (and not well). Gravity didn't kick in like I thought it would!

One thing I can say about life with Adam... it will never be dull.

I love this guy!

I'm also pretty fond of this guy too!