Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookie Party Central

Now I have never been involved in a cookie exchange and this year I had 2... Thursday and Friday of last week. That meant 130 some cookies in 2 days... I work well under pressure ;~)

Thursday was the cookie exchange with the moms... with Dannette hosting. Thanks again for that Dannette... I am sure we left you with plenty of cleaning!

First the kids sat down and decorated some sugar cookies... well not so much 'decorated' as 'pile additional sugar pieces on top of sugar cookies and stuff them in your mouth'... but lots of fun regardless!

It really is an art that takes much concentration.

After decorating cookies, while the kids were all playing, Laura glanced over to see this:

Chase had planted himself in front of Ryan and was showing him different toys... "dis yellow one"... "dis red one". So stinkin sweet!

And of course every party needs pizza!

Starting the exchange! So many ridiculously good cookies! Looks like Bennett was trying to get a jump on divvying up the cookies. (Bennett = Shelby's pregnant belly ;~)

Ahhh, my boy. He was walking around like this... drinking "poffee". I love him so much.

We had a really great time and between this party and Friday's, we have more Christmas cookies than we should ;~) And Chase and I may make more today!

As an aside.... we have watched Elmo's Christmas Countdown 674,974 times... easily. I am currently explaining to Chase that "Elmo's Christmas needs to take a break and rest"... which works for 2 minutes... then I hear "where Elmo's Christmas go?" And he just started singing "I believe, I believe" over and over again which happens to be the final song on the DVD. I think if he wanted to, he could recite the whole thing from start to finish.

Anyway, I say all this because at certain parts in the story the term "elfin" is used. As in "watch out for this elfin menace" or "I don't play those elfin games". Every time I hear it all I can think is "effin"... which makes me smile. Now I am not saying Sesame Street did it on purpose but either way, pretty freaking funny. And it makes the DVD just a little bit more tolerable.

Now if only I could get the song "I want a snuffleupagus for Christmas" out of my head.


Mandy said...

I SO hope next time Sadie says, "Chase, wanna play ring around the rosie?" Chase says "I don't play those effin games!" You really won't be able to get mad at him. It's all Elmo's fault.

KaraB said...

Don't want no doll
No dinky tinker toy
I want a Snuffleupagus to play with and enjoy

I sing it ALL DAY at work. EVERY day. It will NOT leave my head.

Dannette said...

Glad everyone had a good time! And we have finished all of our cookies.
Mandy- great comment!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Elmo....sigh....we have that one, too. We also have the Elmo goes to sleep and Elmo loves you. Makes me want to bash my head in...in a fun-loving Chistmas-ey way, though.