Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Party

Last night was the first of a few Christmas parties this season and what a way to kick it off!

19 adults + 12 children + tons of great food + presents for the kiddos = a fantastic night.

Festive feet getting ready to head out.

Chase played with this vacuum almost the entire night... he is seriously obsessed. If it actually worked, Shelby would have the cleanest floors in the neighborhood.

Chase opening his present from Aiden... a Ernie potty book (a hit with Aiden) and Fearless Freddie (from the Thomas series). He was thrilled! Thanks Aiden!

If you remember last year we attempted a group shot of the kids only... and it barely worked. Well throughout the year it's only gotten more and more difficult. So we opted for a mom and kids group picture. Much (MUCH) less stressful and many more smiles. We're only missing Laura, Aiden and Emery and Bekah and Nickolas. Not too bad! BTW, I am holding Alexander who came with his daddy (mom Bekah was home on a date with her newest man, Nikolas).

The G family hamming it up... shocker.

Hope your Christmas season is going well!

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Insung said...

So fashionable. Love the socks! :)