Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day Con't

Once at the in laws house we commenced operation destroy the living room.

"I Justice"... yeah, this gift is all sorts of awesome.

The next 3 pictures are t-shirts that I picked out for the various family members:

The lone hold out in the family... sticking with his PC. I'll hold my tongue because I love him.

"I don't do Windows"... converted never to return... she's a mac now!

My dear sweet hubby... "i owned a mac before it was cool"... so very true...

Color me thrilled... hubby got me these Bear Paws. Once I got them weatherproofed and ready to wear, I haven't wanted to take them off. I could use them for slippers they are so warm and comfy. Don't be surprised if I wear these all winter long... I am in love.

Oh and the crock pot in the background... fantastic gift from the in laws. I've been wanting to make more meals in the crock pot but lacked the crock pot and the motivation... now I have both!

Hubby geeking out with his new magic mouse and external keyboard.

Bamma showing Chase the key ring photos I made for Sandy.

Random show of Chase and I opening a present because I wanted proof that I was there.

Elmo much?

New hat, new scarf, new glasses... I'm set for this weather!

Without a doubt one of Chase's favorite toys is the vacuum cleaner. At the mere mention of going to Jack's house he will start insisting that 'Chase play with the vacuum cleaner... yeah?' Anywhere we go that happens to have a vacuum cleaner... Chase is all over it. Not sure what the attraction is but whatever, as soon as he can handle the real thing, I'm handing it over.

Anyway, enter Grandpa and Bamma...

The boy couldn't be happier if he tried. He runs that thing all over the house.... now if only it actually vacuumed!


SissyKristin said...

Merry Merry!! I don't know how with six nieces none of them have received that toy, but MAN was I hoping for your sake that it actually vacuumed! LOL TOO CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Oh so lovely Elmo outfit. So perfect for Christmas morning. :)

kathi said...

Y'all had such a great Christmas, and honestly, the video...cutest thing ever!!