Monday, December 07, 2009

Baby Jesus

In more Little People news, we are now the proud owners of the Little People Nativity set!

I have been coveting wanting this set for a while. With the approaching holiday and the desire for Chase to understand the real meaning of the day, this seemed like a great toy to have in our home.

One problem, I was unwilling to pay the price that Fisher Price placed on the birth of baby Jesus. Seriously... they know they have a captive audience and they definitely have it priced too high. So when I saw it on sale at Target for $12.50 I almost fell over. Only there were none left.

No problem, I'll get a rain check. I call the store the next day or so (after the workers told me they would get trucks in) and no, none were delivered. So I call again (again, when the workers told me more trucks would be in) and again, none in stock. Repeat this at least 7 or 8 times and throw in a random visit or 2 with the same 'out of stock' outcome.

Getting frustrated.

So I googled it.

*aside* what was life like without google? seriously, I don't remember *end aside*

I found a forum where someone commented they went to Walmart and priced matched. Hmm... interesting. The ad has already ended but I wonder if they will price match a rain check.

What's the worst they could say... no? Then I am right back in the same place.

I go to Walmart and no nativities are out on the floor. Seriously, what season do these people think it is? I mean are people really looking for nativities in June? Isn't this when you would want all your nativity inventory on the floor? I digress.

I ask and someone goes to get me one from the back. They bring out the motherload of Little People nativities. It's definitely got more bells and whistles than the Target one but I keep going... again, what's the worst they can say... no?

I tell the woman working that I don't have the ad but I have a rain check, can they still price match? She leafs through the Target ad for this week... and I tell her its been over a week. She remembers seeing the ad last week and says she'll go ahead and do it for me.

Unreal, I just got the mega Little People nativity set for $13. Thank you Walmart and your price match!

Just goes to show you, sometimes all you have to do is ask.


Anonymous said...

Okay I guess this is one Christmas gift that I will have to take back.Ha Ha. I am so glad he has it. Once I saw him with his farm I could not resist in getting this for him. Well now I can give it to it to little Payton. I only hope she looks at the nativity like Chase is looking at it... with such a serious look as if to say "Mommy tell me about baby Jesus"

Jessica said...

I love it and such a great deal!!! I so want to get one of these for Adrianna...but sounds like I might not be able to find it and certainly not for that price...maybe I will check e-bay :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

One of my favorite quotes is "If you never ask, the answer is always No." Good for you to take the chances. I have also found WM to be very accommodating on the price match deals. Several clerks will even clue me in on deals I hadn't known about!

KaraB said...

"One problem, I was unwilling to pay the price that Fisher Price placed on the birth of baby Jesus" that line, love it. Claire has a nativity handed down from her PA cousins, but the stable isn't as nice as your version. Go you for snagging that deal!