Thursday, May 31, 2007

medical care and weekend recap!

so i have come to realize that you as a patient have a lot more say in your care then you think.

adam and i went to the ortho today to check on my hand and 'little miss knows nothing' who brought us back had not bothered to read my chart or figure out why they brought me in today... so she stammers through some questions, leaves and comes back to tell us that she put us in line to get an x-ray.

now, i wasn't thrilled the first time i had to get an xray but i realized that it was necessary... they had to know that i broke it and how bad... this time, it seems as if 'lmkn' just put me in line because she couldn't think of anything better to do. so i questioned her and ended up telling her that i would rather wait until the doctor said it was necessary... i think limited exposure to radiation while i am pregnant is the best thing for peabert... she gives me a line about it just pushing me back but that i can certainly wait for the doc. he walks in a short time later and says that's fine... we can skip the xrays. never take what they say at face value!

also, i asked the doc if i could stay in the splint since i had become accustomed to it and he said since it wasn't an unstable break, that's fine! wahoo!!! score 2 for jessi!

we go back in 3 weeks when, hopefully then, i will be healed!

adam and i had a great memorial day weekend... saturday we got a lot (especially since we were handicapped) done... moved around stuff that needs to be gone through so it's accessible... found great christmas/camping stuff storage... generally cleaned and did laundry... adam even made it out to a meeting! good times!

sunday we spent in st. michael's eating crabs, shopping and hanging out on uncle jimmy's boat...

sandy (infamous mother in law) and i after my crab feast (yep, cast and all!!)

adam and i on the dingy heading out to uncle jimmy's boat

Shazam! gotta love uncle jimmy's boat!

i call this Peat and Repeat... definitely, like mother like son!

adam imitating captain morgan!

then monday my dad had a barbecue at his house and we joined in the festivities there.... which included crabs again! i love the summer time in maryland!

it was a wonderful and restful weekend!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

13 abrasions and 1 broken right hand

this post will be light on the capitals as the shift key is difficult to maneuver right now.

so wed night adam and i were watching dear sweet puppy layla while her mom went to class and then worked the midnight shift. the plan was to walk riley and layla, drop layla off, go home, eat ice cream and watch grey's anatomy. the night almost went like that but midway through the the walk layla slipped out of her collar (sound familiar?). as calmly as i possibly could i alerted adam that she was free and according to adam i took about 4-5 steps before i started falling. also according to adam it was not a fun sight to watch because with every step and every attempt to right myself i fell further and harder... culminating when my face hit the sidewalk (only after every other body part also hit the sidewalk). adam started running toward me and i told him to get layla. i was still extremely concerned about getting her back. he goes after her and luckily she was more interested in playing with riley then running around the neighborhood so she was very close by. adam starts to corner her (it looked like they were playing 'ring around the rosie' around a bush ;~). i managed to pick myself up and act as a wall against layla giving adam the opportunity to pounce on her. we sat clutching her for a second, catching our breath, then got up, dropped layla off and went home.

we went to start cleaning me up and every few seconds we discovered another abrasion. big toe on my left foot, middle toe right foot, right ankle, both knees, right hip, right boob (don't ask me how!), right shoulder, right palm, right hand, left elbow, left hand and my face. yeah, i looked pretty! a few of the abrasions were pretty intense so adam and i tried to clean them as best we could. at this point my hand is hurting alot and we are worried about peabert so i wanted to do the only thing i really know how to do in an emergency... i wanted to call a mom... enter sandy, the awesome mother-in-law... she assures us that peabert is probably fine but that my hand sounds broken and she suggests phoning the ob on call and see what they have to say... we did and cool calm and collected dr. hankinson calls us back and tells adam that peabert is fine but go to the er and have my hand checked out... and away we go.

we get to the er around 11 and start our litany of sitting and waiting... they call us back and check me over... that was when this picture was taken (and yes, we took pics in the er ;~)

honestly adam and i spent the majority of the time laughing at the situation and how ridiculous the whole thing was so these are real smiles! here are a few more pictures....

this is after we went back to the waiting room and after 2-3 times of me asking what is taking so long, they bring us back to this room... i hope you can tell that the pout is in reference to the time... man were we tired and hungry!

here is my dear sweet (starving) husband after we are moved to yet another room! i felt like we opted for a tour of the hospital rather than treatment! by this time they have done a fetal heart tone and peabert not only gave us 150 beats per minute but he kicked the tech doing the listening... 'that's for making my momma wait!' we also found out that they were sure my hand (5th metacarpal) was broken and that they would be sending me to a orthopedic specialist. awesome!

here i am showing off my temporary splint and my bandaged arm with the time in the background.... that's right... a whopping 7 hours in the er for 20 minutes of baby listening, wound cleaning and hand wrapping!

at this point it was clear that neither of us were going to work today (not that we thought i would but we thought adam might... until the all night er-palooza)... on the way home we stop at mcdonalds as a treat (we do love the breakfast sandwiches) and finally head home. we call our bosses, eat and promptly pass out at 7:00 am.

this is sad pathetic wifey's bed for the night!

adams boss (who i will call 'the lph') calls around 10 to get some info from adam and i answered the phone (strategic as wild horses and a tornado, let alone a little cell phone can't wake my husband from that tired of sleep)... the lph sounded so concerned for me and we chatted for a few before i roused the hubby. quick words with the lph and adam is back out.... i on the other hand (pardon the pun) am awake and thinking of all the appointments and calls that need to made. i called my co-worker and told her the story, then i called the ortho... they fit me in that day (yay for not having to take another day off work!) but that meant i had to wake adam at 11... poor hubby! i have to say though, he woke up with NO complaining! he's been SO great through all of this!!

here is a picture from after the ortho appointment... i have another splint (WAY more manageable than the er one) because i have an abrasion on my palm that needs to heal first... so i go back in a week to see if i am ready for a cast! this picture will also go in my pregnancy book as my 17 week picture!

through this whole thing adam and i really never lost our sense of humor and i actually learned a lesson... rely on my husband more and that he is the most awesome husband i know - adam has been so sweet and nurturing through all of this.... he's been washing my hair, helping me get changed, putting on my jewelry and doing all the things i can't... just generally being an awesome husband without ever complaining (seriously, not once!) and by having to rely on him, i am learning to really trust him, more than i thought i could!

all in all it's been a fairly fun experience with a few moments of pain and panic... and if i had it to do over again, i would run just as hard to get layla.... i would just make sure i was on better footing!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boy vs. Girl

So Adam and I are fast approaching the date when we find out if Peabert is a Peabert or a Peabertha...

Our plan is to have the doctor write down what Peabert is and then we want to come up with a fun way to find out... Danielle is thinking of ideas but I thought I would throw it out to the blogosphere as well... thoughts, ideas, comments?

Oh and I wanted to ask you all, what you think Peabert is... boy or girl??? Let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

About me...

I stole this from Danielle's website and feel free to steal it from mine.

I'M AMAZED… that our baby had a heartbeat when it was the size of my pinky nail.

I DOUBT... myself a lot.

I CAN’T SEE… why I get so worried all the time. God is always in control and I always forget that.

I WANT TO BEAT WITH A SOCK FULL OF QUARTERS… nothing... I want to cash in the sock full of quarters and pay off something.

I'M ADDICTED… to Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream right now... it will change in a week or so.

I FEEL BAD… that my mom won't meet Peabert.

I WATCH… Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It restores my faith in humanity. I am willing to forgive Ty (once).

I LISTEN… to my ipod at work again!

IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS… I would tithe, pay off taxes, credit cards, cars and student loans... in that order.

I WANT... to be a stay at home mom.

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT…Jesus... he provides all that I need and want.

I THINK CHILDREN… are the greatest gift to the world.

I CAN’T WAIT… to meet Peabert.

I'M PROUD… of Adam.

I HAVE A DREAM… almost every night now that I am pregnant!

I ALWAYS WEAR… mine and my mom’s wedding bands.

I FEAR… too much. I need to trust God more and fear the world less.

I WISH… everytime I see the clock is 11:11 or 12:34. Can't tell you what I wish for... it won't come true.

I ONCE ACCIDENTALLY… tripped... I don't know how to answer this ;~)

I NEVER… say never (right Adam ;~)

I’D KILL TO… nothing would make me kill but I would like to visit Greece one day.

I MISS… my mom. A lot.

I'M LOATHE TO ADMIT… that I once owned (and probably still do) an N'SYNC album... hard earned $$ wasted!

I’LL NEVER FORGIVE… whew… hard one. My aunt and cousin are hard to forgive but if they ever came at me with a heart of apology, I would forgive them. The real trick is forgiving them even if they don’t ask!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

3 years and counting

Happy Anniversary Honey! Here's to many more years together ~


Monday, May 14, 2007

Not my highest of highs

Warning right now... I am in a fairly blah mood today.

Mother's day went fine yesterday... Adam and I made dinner for his mom and the fam on Sunday. I got a few Mother's day cards of my own which was pretty cool... one of which husband took a picture of me showing my tummy now and then made it into a silhouette with a huge tummy (of which I am truly looking forward to!) It was really sweet and really cute and best of all, he used his talent and didn't have to spend any money. Gotta love the ingenuity!

I was pretty much ok the whole day until the ride home when it hit me that my mom wasn't here. It's weird... I always know that she isn't here but more times than not, it will just hit me like a ton of bricks. I hate that I have to go through this without her... that I have to celebrate my first Mother's day without her around. I can't even imagine being in the delivery room and holding my newborn without her by my side. Anyway, I lost it on the way home and after crying for a good long time, I passed out. Woke up just in time to get home, unload the Jeep and go to sleep again. I really wanted to just get the day over with. This really used to be my favorite holiday... I am not sure if I still feel the same way.

Then I woke up this morning to find out my oldest (longest running) friend had her baby (on Mother's Day) and it made my heart sink even more because I am pretty sure she doesn't want me around. There is a huge long story behind this but suffice it to say, she is not pleased with some of my actions of which I won't apologize for. She hasn't made a move to keep the friendship going so I am left thinking that this is it... and to know that this great thing is going on and she doesn't want me a part of it... it just really sucks. I just hope that one day she sees why I did the things I did and wants to be my friend but until then, all this time and all the important life events that we miss... it makes me really sad.

So what a great way to begin the week! My apologies for the downer feel of this post but then again, I do have therapy in the title so it can't all be sunshine and roses ;~)

Please pray that my spirits lift a little today... tomorrow is Adam and I's 3rd anniversary and we are treating ourselves to a lovely dinner at the Metropolitan in Annapolis. I would like to snap out of the mood I am in so we can enjoy our time together.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happenings as of late...

So as I mentioned... the bible study "non preggers" threw the bible study "preggers" a baby celebration this past Thursday. What a great time! They had games, food and presents ;~) It was a lot of fun and really nice to know that people are excited for you and genuinely happy!

Here is a picture of all of us together... the fun picture of course!

Ok... so that's Sarah M, Sylvia, Sarah P, Victoria, Danielle, Corrine, Nicole, Holly, Molly, Diane, me and Kristen... the last 4 are the preggers! Non preggers... thank you guys SO much for all that you did! We really appreciate it!

On Saturday Adam had his 10 year high school reunion... it was a low key affair, meeting up at a local bar but it was a really good time. It's fun to see Adam with all his old high school friends (well some of them... about half the class was there). Here is a picture of Josh, Adam, Farmer and Pat ;~)

While in Hagerstown Sandy and I went shopping for maternity clothes.

Back ground info... almost immediately after I told my friend Vicki that I was pregnant, she sent me a gift card to Motherhood Maternity. Such a sweet gesture and I was so excited to be able to get some cute pregnancy outfits. Many thanks Vicki!!!

Anyway, I was floored and couldn't wait to use it! However, with my new found respect for money, I wanted to be sure I was using it to the utmost potential... enter the Hagerstown Outlets who just happened to have a Motherhood Maternity. Also enter a mother in law who wanted to buy me my first maternity outfit... Again, such a sweet gesture... for not having any girls, she sure is getting this girly stuff down! Literally when Adam told me she wanted to do that for me, I teared up at the thought. So Sandy and I decide to hit up the outlets the next weekend I am in town.

Back to this past weekend... Sandy and I hit up Gap Outlet where Sandy buys me some fantastic maternity clothes (I got a hot tip that the maternity jeans at Gap were awesome!) and then we head to Motherhood where I totally stocked up on shorts, capris, tops and the cutest dress ever! I am so excited to start wearing all this stuff and I can't thank Sandy and Vicki enough!

God sure has blessed me with people in my life that can take the edge off of not having my mom around.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Last night

Last night was so awesome. Instead of our regular bible study, the non-preggers threw the preggers a 'baby celebration' complete with games and presents. It was such a pleasant surprise for us and we had a blast! However, I will talk more about it in a later post.

Last night we also said goodbye to Josh as he left for Iraq this morning. The boys prayed over him after the ladies left for the baby celebration and I got to hug him and say goodbye later on that night. For anyone out there, please pray for Josh and Heather during this time. It's their first deployment and everything is new.

Now for a little tribute to my little bro ;~)

Lamest self portrait ever!

Josh and his baby girl Layla

Josh, Heather and Layla on the stroke of midnight New Years Eve!

Josh and Layla (see a pattern? they are fond of that pup!)

Now these are some sexy boys who know how to rock some women's shades!

And in what could be the cutest picture ever... Josh and Heather watching princess Layla who has taken over the coffee table ;~)

Josh and Heather our prayers are with you and hopefully this will be the shortest 4 months in history! Love you guys!