Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One of those days...

I can't seem to shake this blah feeling. I have been having this re-occuring thought process and it's troubling me. I know my mom wanted me to be happy and satisfied in my career. I know, every parent wishes that for their kids but she gave me advice and nudged me as I was deciding. She always stressed that it was important and I should work hard to do something that I love. That urging was born out of a lifetime of working just to provide for me... I know she never really liked any of her jobs. She did them to put food on the table and I think she wanted more for me.

So where am I now? In a job that I fell bass ackwards into, doing something that is completely contradictory to my degree and lifestyle, wishing that I was somewhere else.

Please don't anyone write in and say 'most people feel that way' and/or 'hardly anyone uses their degree for the intended purpose' - You run the risk of your comment being deleted.

I digress... the thought process is this... I think of all the times my mom helped and encouraged me to find a career... then I think about all the opportunity that I had to make something out of my life... then I think about the wasted opportunity that I didn't grab onto... then I look around and see where I am professionally and I can't help but think that she would be so dissapointed in me. (Not me as a person, just me as a professional... I am smarter than that!)

It hurts to think that I have let my mom down.

Please know that I am not looking to be fixed... only to throw what is on my mind out into the universe. Sometimes just saying it outloud makes me feel better.

Oh and earlier this morning, I tried to eat my body weight in fruit roll-ups. Not a feat I would recommend.

For your weekly smile... my dog sleepy on daddy's lap laying across daddy's laptop computer. I love this house.

Friday, May 26, 2006

We have a visitor...

...the ever lovable Jack Jack! We are dogsitting for Joy while she is away with her family this weekend.

FYI - Vicki (Joy's mom, standing at the van) is a very good friend of mine who I have known since my childhood... when I was 9 she would babysit me during the day when my mom was working and then eventually I started babysitting her kids. I also spent quite a few summers at her house as a mother's helper. In fact, I spent a good chunk of my childhood with her and her family and and I loved every minute of it ~ Hard to believe I used to hold Joy as a newborn and now she is gaining on me in height! Amazing! Anyway, I digress... all this to say that I love this family a lot!!!

Back to the show....

Here are Joy and I introducing the dogs. A little sniff and we are good to go.

Seriously, is that not a grin to melt your heart ;~)

Adam and I have noticed a little 'competition' from Jack Jack and Riley... If Adam or I pet one, the other races over. Or if we are sitting somewhere and one comes to snuggle, the other is right behind trying to snuggle more... Ahhh sibling (sort of) rivalry.

They are getting along well though so it is a happy household. Moments of chasing each other around the apartment followed by Riley needed to take a break (he is almost 9 ;~)... All in all, it's going to be a fun weekend!!!

Oh and random shot of my husband wearing my pink trucker hat... and looking VERY hardcore ~ being married is fun ;~)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Heavy on the videos...

Sorry I have been so heavy on the videos lately but this one is totally worth it! Too awesome... oh and I stole it from Laura! Thanks chick!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday, May 12, 2006

Getting to know me

I got this from Kathi's, be sure to check hers out too.

I AM: trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up
I WANT: to be able to stay home with my babies (you know, when I have them)
I WISH: that there was a cure for cancer
I HATE: that my mom was taken before she got to meet her grandchildren
I MISS: my mom every single day (right there with you Kathi)
I FEAR: instability
I HEAR: sounds of the office
I WONDER: how old I will be when I die
I REGRET: there are lots of things I would like to change if I could but I heard it said once that regret for the past is a waste of spirit and I believe that.
I AM NOT: an optimist ~ I am trying, but I am not one by nature
I DANCE: occasionally... with the right amount of liquid courage
I SING: even though I stink ;~)
I CRY: when I think about a certain conversation with my mom
I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy when I should be
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: I wish I could write language here but maybe someday :)
I WRITE: whatever I think is important or relevant at the time
I CONFUSE: my husband on a daily basis (sorry sweetie, I love you ;~)
I NEED: forgiveness daily (amen Kathi!)
I SHOULD: trust God more
I START: a lot of books and a lot of projects
I FINISH: amost nothing... I am one of those people
I TAG: everyone who reads this! Well, you don't have to but would love to read it if you do!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Great Migration to Crofton is Complete

I have to say that I have the coolest friends! People started showing up to our EC apartment around 9:15 and by 10 we were loading the truck with our belongings. With the boys doing some brute force lifting, some girls doing some last minute packing, other girls carrying boxes and the incomparable Pat working the puzzle that was our moving truck and our belongings... we were on our way within an hour and a half.

We got to Crofton around noon and by 1 the truck was unloaded and Adam and Rob were driving it back to be dropped off!

Here is a shoutout to everyone that helped... Craig, Ali, Zach, Tiny, Pat, Kristen, Sandy, Becky, Carrie, Scott, Seth, Victoria, Rob and Danielle ! I think that is everyone... 14 people... no wonder it went so smoothly! Thank you guys so much... Adam and I have a wonderful group of friends!

Once the hubbub died down, Seth ran home to get DDR (Dance Dance Revolution for those of you not in the know!) and Seth, Victoria, Rob, Danielle, Adam and I danced our hearts out for awhile.

Then we took Scout and Riley to the dog park. After Adam and I walked the perimeter to make sure there were no prison break openings, some tears from mom (I kid you not) and some adamant 'I am not taking Riley off this leash' discussions... Adam freed Riley. He took off running (alongside Adam) and seemed to be enjoying himself. Although after his initial run, he gave us a look like... "hmmmm, what now... I am off my leash but still surrounded by fence...not sure what I am supposed to do". Regardless he got to explore and see a whole new world sans his leash. I have to admit, I am a believer in the dog park now. I only wish my mom could have seen that! She always wanted to see Riley without a leash on (you know without it being a matter of his life and death ;~)

After we tired out the dogs (and some of the humans...) we all gathered at S and V's for dinner and games. Delicious wheat pasta (who knew it would taste good ;~)... perfectly seasoned chicken... some great red wine... and yummy ice cream for dessert, it made for a great meal. And Apples to Apples finished off the evening with S coming back for an amazing win!

Good times! I love where we live!

Oh by the way... for all those that helped us move... has anyone see the tray pictured on the bottom of the smaller table?

It is removable and we seemed to have lost it along the way and I thought maybe it was in the back of someone's car or maybe someone remembers seeing it...