Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas-ing up the Joint

Adam and I have discovered that we don't have a lot of Christmas decorations... and by 'don't have a lot' I mean it's pathetic how little we have.

So, with that... and a small budget... I've been working on some things to add to our Christmas stash.

Start with some Christmas-y type fabric. Clearly I am more kitschy and less traditional... whatever floats your boat.

Get out the pinking shears and hack the fabric into approximately 5x5 squares. Now the type A in me wanted each square to be precise and perfect... the realist in me gave up the dream and just cut. Approximations are all you need... trust me when I tell you that no one... not even you... will be able to tell the difference.

Get yourself a straw wreath (at any craft store), a screwdriver (I use a flat head but I doubt it matters) and a toddler who wants to help.

Wrap the fabric around the tip of the screwdriver and drive the tip into the wreath. When you pull the screw driver out, the fabric stays in.

Do that often enough and your Christmas wreath will start to take shape...

Ta-da... Christmas wreath for above the TV!

On to the front door. It was feeling bear and pathetic, especially since we put up some Christmas lights on the porch.

Enter a wreath from Joann (bought at 50% off -woot!), some extra Christmas ornaments, an extra piece of ribbon (that I could swear has been with me since mom and I were decorating for Christmas), an extra piece of fabric from aforementioned wreath and some crafting wire. Put it all together and you have a happy Christmas-y front door.

This is absolutely not homemade but I am excited nonetheless!

Tomorrow starts Advent and we are all set to countdown with Chase. I put 3 Andes mints in each days pocket, 1 for each of us. I think (and hope) it will be a fun thing for the family to do each night counting down until Christmas day. Oh and see what I mean... more kitsch, less traditional ;~)

Last but not least.... dinner tonight was awesome. I mean I hate to brag... and I shouldn't too much because my awesome husband did just as much as I did... but it was my idea and it was awesome. I got bold (after a tense 'we eat the same meal every night' discussion last night) and decided to try Pioneer Woman's Leftover Turkey Pot Pie. We left out the wine, added some red pepper and added some chicken (we were actually short on turkey) and it was phenomenal.

Not only that but it was pretty easy to make. I will say that when I make this again (without the help of hubby) I will be sure to have everything prepared beforehand. Veggies cut, turkey/chicken shredded, cans opened... that sort of thing. But truly, it was easy and it was a one dish meal, my personal fave!

If you haven't checked out the Pioneer Woman, might I suggest it? She is wildly entertaining on a variety of topics... and she has a basset hound, Charlie, who will steal your heart.


Vintage Ruby said...

looks like fun! we just put our decorations up's so much more fun with little ones don't you think?

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

I LONG for your creativity!!!!!!

Dannette said...

Love the wreath!!

Mandy said...

I love the food. The pioneer woman is my idol.