Sunday, December 06, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Yesterday Adam, Chase, Sandy, Joe and I went to get our Christmas trees.

And when better to cut down a tree then while it's snowing! Adam pointed out that the snow is deceptive... they all look gorgeous with snow covered limbs!

Chase putting his snowsuit to good use. He's our own little Ralphie ;~)

Learning the fine art of snowflake catching.

And of course, in keeping with 2007 and 2008, it just wouldn't be tradition without this picture.

Impromptu family picture in front of our Christmas tree. Please excuse the blank look on Chase's face... it was day 1 nap without the paci and it was rough. No sleeping on his own... only after I came in and rocked him did he pass out in my arms. He did get 30 minutes in which helped curb some exhaustion but clearly it wasn't his best day ;~)

Oh well. Today is a new day and he seems to be doing much better... he's currently napping without the aid of a paci!

1 comment:

Ebeling Family said...

what a beautiful tree!
now I really have to get my tree up... before Christmas is actually here :)