Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some of my favorites

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas ornaments. I love them so much and I hate that no one gets to see them. So, to cure that, I am proudly displaying some of my favorites here.

Every year we (the family) get a new ornament and this was our 2007 one. I like looking at this one and seeing the addition of the Chase to our little family.

In the same vain, this is Chase's first ornament. This will be the one we give him to put on his own tree someday. The thought of it being on our tree for the next 20 some years and then eventually moving to his house with his family on their tree... well I could just start crying now.

Now I realize this isn't an ornament but it still has to be highlighted. 2004 was our worst Christmas. Ryan passed away in March and my mom passed away in November... jolly and cheerful we weren't. I was still living with my dad and both of us had no interest in getting a tree for our house in Baltimore. We were spending the holidays with my in-laws anyway, who needed a tree. Adam thought we did. He couldn't stand the thought of us not having something at our house, so he went out and bought this sweet little Charlie Brown tree from Nordstrom (my holy ground). We perched the tree on an end table and put our wrapped presents around the table legs. Pathetic but sweet.

Every year when I pull this tree out, I think about how sweet and generous Adam is and I can't wait to proudly display it.

Realizing that we would eventually have a real tree again, Adam and I really wanted to get ornaments to remember Ryan and mom.

This one is for Ryan (did that really need to be said ;~). To say he was an outdoorsman is the understatement of the year. The man lived and breathed nature and fishing was one of his favorite pastimes.

Quite obviously (I hope) this one is to remember my mom. Mom was the queen of all that is shopping and we definitely spent a lot of time in stores together.

So those are a few of my favorite ornaments (and decorations)... anyone care to share yours? Let me know if you do, I would love to check them out!


Anonymous said...

Love and hate... that is probably my thought about the entire holiday season. :) We are back. And I am thinking of taking my ornaments out tomorrow!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm a Hallmark addict. You should check my post from a few days ago to see my ornament shame. LOL. Love yours!

SissyKristin said...

I am totally doing the same exact thing on my blog. Maybe I'll get to it on sunday. LOVE this idea and thanks for sharing your stories!! That's so cool to "see" other people's tree!!!

lmcarmitage said...

I thought this post was a terrific idea, loved seeing the decorations!