Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

What a fun morning. Grandpa and Bamma came over before Chase woke up so they could see him open his presents... of course Chase decided to sleep in a little!

Once he woke, he came out to a rather large and poorly wrapped Christmas present.

Even with the crappy wrapping, he loved it. In fact he has been asking to play with trains non-stop... usually demanding 'daddy sit down right here and play trains'. We're working on asking like a gentleman ;~)

A few pictures from the rest of the morning.

Smaller magnetic Thomas trains... which permanently reside in our 'car bag' for restaurants and other necessary distractions.

Opening his M and D puzzle (which no pieces to lose... YAY!).

Opening his very own self titled DVD.... starring none other than Chase Harper.

Watching one of the videos on his DVD (aka "DBDB")

After a ridiculously good breakfast made by Adam (baked apple french toast), we packed up and headed over to the in-laws house to finish our present opening extravaganza!


The Townleys said...

So CUTE! And I loved the PJs :-) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

I am looking at that exact M and D "puzzle". Weird.

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Day!