Thursday, July 02, 2009

Road Trip to Crofton

aka our old stomping grounds!

Danielle just happened to have a few days off work this week so Chase and I took advantage and drove down to hang with her and Anna today!

The ride down was so smooth... we hit no traffic and made it there in an hour and 25 minutes. I actually remember thinking to myself, this isn't so bad... we might have to do this more often. I don't think that anymore but we will get to that later.

After a quick morning snack we decided to spend some time at the pool... oh how I miss our old pool. Sigh.

My how things have changed since THIS post. I can't even believe this is the same kid. Although Chase does really well walking in the kiddie pool a couple times he did trip and his head went underwater. Watching that happen is surreal. I know that I am right there to grab him and put him upright but at the same time I am watching my child struggle to breathe (and failing at it)... and I can actually see how easy and horrendous this could be if my eyes were off of him for a minute.

Which may be why God invented these things...

Doesn't she look just like a movie star! This was Anna's first go round with a floaty and both she and her mom were fans! I am fairly certain Anna will own one of these in the next few days ;~)

I can't not take a picture of the ever playful camera loving Scout!

After nap what was supposed to be nap time, we made a run to Costco where they have double seats in their carts which give way to adorable pictures like this...

Love these babies!

One last parting shot before Chase and I start the trek home. Quite a change from THIS!

It was so awesome to spend the day with Danielle and Anna. Thanks for having us over and we miss you guys so much!

We rolled out of the parking lot at 6... on the dot. I remember because I thought Adam would probably be pulling up at home any minute.

So I called to see where he was and let him know we still had the length of the journey to go. To my surprise he was still in his car... on 70... before Frederick. For many of you this means very little... for us that is instant headache. Adam had been sitting for over an hour in the same 2 mile stretch of 70. And I was headed right for it.

Ehhh, by the time I get there it will be cleared up... I will probably sail right through.

Anyone taking bets about how wrong I was? Epic fail. Not only did hit that patch of traffic... I hit at least 4 more 'back ups' along the way home. And when I say back up, I mean 5 mph tops and stop and go... more stop than go. It was unreal how congested it was.

For the most part I was able to keep a positive attitude and entertain a VERY sleepy and cramped 20 month old. There was one point where I really started to get frustrated and angry but with a lot of effort and some Silly Songs, I was able to refocus and try to enjoy the rest of the trip.

At the very end... around 8:30... I started to lose him. The eyes were getting heavy... the head was listing... he was falling dangerously close to a complete pass out. I made it home within 15 minutes, threw him into pj's, put a paci in the mouth, sang one song and out he went. I am fairly certain he hasn't even moved since I laid him down.

To recap... Chase was up at 6:30. No nap on the hour and 25 minute ride down. No nap at Danielle's house. No nap in the car on the way to Costco or Target. No nap on the 2 hour and 45 minute car ride home. And he was still pleasant... I love, and I mean LOVE this kid. So much so that I want to go hug him....

Yeah, I am not that stupid.

I'm going to bed.


KaraB said...

Route 70 the day before a 3-day holiday weekend. Woman, you are a brave one!

Anonymous said...

They grow so fast. In the first pic, Chase does really look like a boy. If he handled almost 3 hour car ride without a nap well, you could probably travel anywhere with this good boy~!

KiKi said...

oh my god the traffic but chase is so adorable i love his hair

Ebeling Family said...

holy smokes- that traffic is ridiculous! ! !
looks like you guys had a blast at the pool- have a happy Independence Day!

The Townleys said...

We are SO glad you came. I was just looking at your traffic pics...good Lord, woman! Stay for dinner next time! We miss you already!
Anna needs someone to push around and take a pacifier from... ;-)