Monday, May 26, 2008

Chase goes swimming

Our community pool opened this weekend so we decided to take Chase for his first experience with the pool! First off, how cute are his swim trunks!

We spent a few minutes in the big pool... the water was freezing! Chase was none too happy with the cold water.

Daddy tried to ease Chase into liking the water by playing a little but shortly after this we were kicked out. Apparently babies aren't allowed in the big people pool ;~( So sad.

So we hung out in the baby pool for a little while. It was a little better but still really cold. Chase was having fun in this picture but that was about it. The rest of the time he was iffy at best.

We decided to head home and fill up our own pool. Chase was hesitant at first but after a few minutes he realized it was very similar to his bath which he loves.

I just love this picture.

Happy boy!

Chase was having so much fun Daddy decided to get in and play.

Yummy rings.

Chase man getting all tuckered out.

We are still dealing with Chase's napping issues. He has just refused to sleep any longer than 45 minutes (and a nap that long is few and far between) but more to the point is he is grumpy all day with occasional happiness. This is not his normal disposition so I know he isn't getting enough sleep. I think tomorrow I will be changing up the routine and trying new things. Obviously what we are doing (or were once doing) is no longer effective. Time to change. The only thing constant about Chase is that he is always changing.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!


Di said...

hey! lily's naps were getting shorter and shorter so i asked our pediatrician at her 6 month appointment and apparently it was due to food shortage (not sure how much solids chase is eating right now) but her schedule is such:
1. 7 wake up and nurse
2. 8 fruits/oatmeal
3. 10:30/11 nurse
4. 12 veggies/oatmeal
5. 2:30 nurse
6. 5:30 solids then nurse
7. 7:30 nurse

After getting some more calories in her she took longer naps... the 45 minutes is just about the time they go into another sleep cycle, so there is probably a reason why his brain is triggering him to wake up. i hope that helps as lily was cranky too before she got more food (you witnessed it on mother's day)

chocolate hug said...

Look at you in a two piece already! You look great! So happy Chase likes the pool. I'm contemplating summer swim lessons with Sam. He loves his baths too!

LoveLladro said...

Di - You know... I have been wondering about that lately. I nurse almost exclusively and I wondered if he was getting all that he needed. I am going to follow your schedule for the next few days and see if that takes care of it. He just went from pretty good napper to nothing overnight... totally threw us for a loop! Thanks for the advice!

Diana - Thanks! I was pretty much back to normal after a few months... I am actually thinner than I was if you can believe it. I have jeans that will actually pass over my hips fully buttoned! Not that I am complaining! Oh and Chase and I are doing a swim class with another friend of mine as soon as her son is 3 months old! I can't wait!

Michelle said...

He is so cute in that tiny pool!! I am glad that y'all had such a wonderful day.

Sorry to hear about the napping issues. I wish I had some grand advice to give you, but I don't. Have you tried "white" noise in his room, sometimes that helps?

Di said...

hey - to give you more specifics on the solids and how much she eats (once we made the change, her naps significantly improved):
breakfast - about 1/2 jar of the 2nds fruits mixed w/ some oatmeal
lunch - a whole jar of 1st veggies mixed with some oatmeal
dinner - about a whole jar of 2nd veggies (not oatmeal)

she started getting a little constipated so i've been giving her the prunes and oatmeal mix by earth's best - it's great as it doesn't give her the runs, but it helps clear the way ;)

chocolate hug said...

So glad you figured it was the eating thing!

Mystery solved!

kathi said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES!! LOL, you can't take a baby in the adult pool, they go in the pool, silly. A long time ago, you'd thought about it...before you went all mommy mode. Love you so much, been there and done that. I've been kicked out of all the best places.