Monday, July 13, 2009


Warning you now... this may be an somewhat incoherent post. I passed tired a few hours ago and am bordering on sleep torture. Yeah yeah, I know... I should go to sleep now (is what many people will say). To that I say 'what the heck would I do when I woke up at 3 am?' And trust me, it would happen. Adam has the distinct ability to sleep... wake up... roll over and go back to sleep (and repeat as many times as necessary). I do not possess that skill.

Anywho... that's a big paragraph without any real meat in it. Is anyone still reading?

We officially booked our flight to CA! THIS was the last time my dad and his girlfriend saw Chase... what a difference a year and a half makes!

I am slightly terrified about the plane ride. 2.5 months was one thing... he slept on me (heck, that's the only way he slept!) and if he fussed... well I was still nursing so instant quiet! Now... sometimes nothing will calm the screaming beast. I have already started collecting fun distractions... a new slide and find book with his favorite: TRUCKS!, puzzles from Moe's (perfect travel size!) and crayons and paper. Also, several moms are lending me Elmo* DVD's which we plan on playing on my computer (the battery life on this thing is like no other ;~)

If anyone else has any good ideas, please feel free to chime in!

I am scared but I also know that I will just have to man up and deal with whatever he brings. I have to perfect my "I don't give a damn that you are shooting me full of daggers because my son is screaming" face. Maybe work on my "I want to pull my hair out but I have to keep cool so these people still think I am in control" demeanor. If all else fails rely on the "Have you ever had a 2 year old... Yes... Then you know my hell" eye roll. I have that last one poised and ready most days.

And you better believe he will have a haircut and the cutest damn outfit on so I can try to win people over with his charming good looks. I will be working those dimples for all they are worth.

In completely unrelated news... Chase and I started our mommy and me swim classes today! Let me start by saying that if I could do this once a week for the next 5 years, I totally would. I had a blast... and for the most part, so did Chase. He wasn't thrilled when the instructor held his hands and he splashed into the water for the first time... he looked at me with terror. He didn't go under or anything, I think it just caught him off guard. I quickly took his hands and showed him that mommy was bobbing around in the water too and that was all it took. He smiled ear to ear. I really hope that either daddy or grandma can come along one day and get some pictures... his face is priceless.

I did dunk him once with unfavorable results so we put that on the back burner for now. Even with the ill fated dunk, he bounced right back and was having a great time. The kid recovers like a champ when it comes to water.

The class is 4 days a week for the next 2 weeks. They aren't always like that... just for the summer course which is good because this schedule may break me ;~) Even still... totally worth it.

Now for a few recent Chase pictures... because it just wouldn't be my blog if I didn't.

Using Grandma's new lawn chair as a trampoline.

Being a little boy... down and dirty.

Gigantic baby here to take over your world... oh, just mine... got it.

Chase playing Peak-a-Boo. Notice Grandma and Grandpa really did up the fort. They cut back branches, added a Chase chair (he confiscated Grandma's lawn chair), made a sandbox out of a storage bin and filled it with Crayola Color Sand!

*Elmo is loved.


Dannette said...

Love the video. I love how they get so excited when they see something they like. Jenna used to get that excited over her Barney DVD's

Jessica Hansen said...

Jessica he will be just fine, plus now if you get the window seat he can look out the window...I took my 21 month old daughter to Italy
(7+hours)she had her fussy moments so we will just walk around the cabin of course once the seatbelt sign came off, but just bring LOTS of activities, the dvd player is a plus, that's really all Shyann did is watch her dvd and slept of course...I will send prayers your way!

KaraB said...

Jess, I have a LIBRARY of Elmo's World DVDs if you want to borrow any.

Also, Claire is really liking her Magna Doodle. I got her a mini one that is perfect for the car or travel. Not sure if you have one or have thought of that?

Anonymous said...

Traveling with an active toddler would be different from when he was just an infant. But with many people in the plane, his mind could be occupied. I hope you have good travelers around. They could entertain Chase and it worked very well when I traveld with Minhae to Korea. I don't know much about travel toys but you will find things that could distract him. You will be fine!

I love the video. So cute!

SissyKristin said...

I know this is the last suggestion that you want to hear, but our family swears by it. Play Doh. It's not your carpet or seat cushion-- so let him go for it and go wild. The kids in our family know that it's a speacial treat when they're at my house or on a plane and I pack it in their "treasure bags" for plane rides. For some reason, it fascinates them FOR.EV.ER. Target has it in very very small containers that are perfect for little hands on a trip, and cheap enough to be disposable if they do hit the carpet one too many times. :-) That's our famliy secret! GOOD LUCK!!

Bekah said...

I've found that traveling with Alexander (he's been on 4 different flight trips)...getting the "bulk head" seating was a blessing. The only bad thing is on take-off and landing you have to have your bags in the overhead bin...but totally worth the extra leg room. The last flight I did with Alex from Cali...he was 18 months and we just had a lot of snacks, books, and activities to do. I made sure he had something to "suck" on (like a sippy cup) for take-off & landing to keep his ears from hurting. He did great! I'm sure Chase will be great for you too! :) Good luck! :) Btw...cute Elmo video! :D

Rose said...

Haven't done the traveling with children thing, but I think Ohdeedoh had a whole series on flying with young'ns.

kathi said...

I love catching up with you. Love the pictures and the video...and loved the 'sit on your bottom please' THAT brings back memories, lol!

Michelle said...

Love the video, he is just to sweet!! I've never flown on a plane with a toddler, but it sounds like you have a good plan in making it go as smooth as possible. I'm sure he will do just fine, and if not people around you will just have to deal with it. :)

dkamfam said...

We have flown with Lexi a lot. Just forget about taking anything on the plane for yourself :). We have the diaper bag loaded and then a second bag loaded with lots of activities and snacks. We also try to feed her on the plane (more than just snacks) because that takes up some time and distracts. The dvd player will be great - we are going to try that on our next trip. It will be fine, I'm sure. You will have a great time!

Love the video! Lexi gets pretty excited about Elmo, too, but doesn't really sit and watch for long yet.

Lori said...

Hi jess, we took Ruth to Indonesia when she was 2 & we wrapped some of the activities up because the unwrapping made it special. We had her friends draw cards for her to open on the plane. We also saved some activities for the ride home hiding those in the suitcase. All of the people around us were very nice & I told them I had been praying for each & every one who would sit near us. We did do alot of walking in the aisles as well. Say hi to Paul for us!