Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Splash Pad!

Today some of us set out for the splash pad in Germantown... a bit of a hike to get there but well worth it!

This place was SO much fun!

Mandy, Dannette, the kids and I all piled into Mandy's van for the trip...

Look at the babies in their car seats... how cute!

I kind of want a mini-van now (shhhh, don't tell anyone).

The kiddos ready to hit the water.

Always a variation of the line up shot ;~)

Proving that yes I am actually there! Oh and BTW, if you go... wear a swimsuit. Dummy me didn't even give it a second thought until I pulled up at Mandy's house and realized she and Dannette both had theirs on. Yep, I got soaked. Oh well... I will be smarter next time!

Chase wasn't nearly as adventurous as I thought he would be. I honestly thought I would have a hard time keeping track of him and that he would take off through the water.

Not so much...

This was my view for a good portion of the day.

I did finally figure out that if I held his hand and kind of forced him to run through the water, he loved it... came out smiling each time.

However, if I let go...

This happened ;~(

I also figured out that it didn't have to be my hand... it could be Mandy and Sadie's!

I love this picture!

And I just have to mention Sadie because wow... the girl was fearless!

This might be one my favorite pictures ever... to be this young and carefree!

As per usual... 3 minutes in the car and a paci = nap for Chase.

He only got a 30 minute nap which is somewhat expected for sleeping in the car but it was well worth it!

We will definitely be going back!


Anonymous said...

Are you coming back to this place some time again? Then I would like to join. Looks like a cool place for little kids to visit during summer. Well, if not, don't worry. I am just trying to figure what I am going to do with Minhae while I am home as the countdown began!

Dannette said...

We had a blast! Can't wait to go again soon. I am hoping the more we go the more brave Jenna will get, not sure if she will make to the point of running through like Sadie.

chocolate hug said...

Hmm...that's a really great idea! We have a splash pad no more than 2 miles away from us. I should do that with Sam today!

kathi said...

Those are some of the cutest pictures I've ever seen. Plus, y'all are so blessed to be so close to each other.