Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Another road trip

Even after last weeks traffic insanity, Chase and I went for another road trip! Funny what no holiday will do for traffic patterns around here!

As is customary when we go anywhere near Pasadena, Chase and I stopped to visit Kare Kare... oh and Daddy too!

Kare Kare lets Chase type up a motion or 2 when he visits... and Chase is more than happy to oblige!

Next we headed to see the B's. I have spoke about them a few times... HERE and HERE for instance. They are one of my favorite families... of all time. I can't even begin to express how much I love them.

When I was younger all I wanted to be was a mom. I used to day dream about my future life something fierce... vivid 'stay at home mom' visions. I used to day dream about the day when I was a mom and brought my little one over to play with Vicki's kids. They would be older, maybe even babysitting age... and Vicki and I would sit back and chat while her kids entertained mine.

It looked a lot like this.

This is one of my day dreams come to life... Joy and Josh playing with my son. It happened again when I looked into their school room and saw Josh engaging Chase... I think he was teaching him something but I was too far away to tell. But here it was... one of my childhood dreams realized.

Sometimes there are no words.

*ahem* back to the world of dry eyes.

The B house... or rather backyard, is a virtual wonderland of fun.

Chase hiked with Jack Jack, bounced/ran around on a trampoline for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the tire swing (once Joy and I taught him how to keep his tush on the tire ;~)

Here is my boy with my kids...

Brooke... I will always have a special place in my heart for Brooke. He was my first real live baby doll. I used to feed him, push the stroller and carry him everywhere... and Vicki was more than willing to let me ;~) He was the kid that kept you on your toes... the one that would scale a fence if your blink took a little too long. I will always see that twinkle in his eye.

Unfortunately Jon wasn't there today... he's off at college... well technically an unpaid internship. Ahhh, those were the days. Anyway Jon... my ridiculously sweet kid. The smile he had was unreal... it made you smile right along with him... and then wonder what was going through his mind to make him that happy. Jon was my first baby with the B's... Brooke was 6 months old when I met them but Jon... I got to hold Jon when he was brand new to the world.

Joy... my princess Joy. For a very long time Joy was the only little girl in a sea of rambunctious boys. When she was born I was totally smitten with her. In fact at her baby shower I made every effort to hold her the entire time. And if I had to give her to someone else, I waited patiently until it was my turn again and snatched her back up. I remember smelling that sweet newborn smell on the top of her head... I don't think I ever noticed that before her.

Josh... the former baby of the group. I have the distinct honor of being the first person (besides mom and dad) to hold Josh when he was born. The B's lived a couple streets over and they called me as soon as they were home... I think I lit the path of fire I moved so quick. He just turned 17 a few days ago... where did that time go?

Julia... I say former baby for Josh because Miss Julia came along and took the coveted position a few years later. By this time I wasn't babysitting like I used to and didn't see the B's as often as I now wish I could have. But Julia... oh did this kid breathe new life into the family. She is a whirlwind of fun and sweetness. Vicki reminded me today that I was Julia's age when she first started babysitting me... and I was much like Julia was with Chase today.... helpful, entertaining and completely smitten.
Vicki... my second mom. I loved my mom then but there were things for my future that I couldn't model after her. When it came to a role model for marriage it was Brooke and Vicki who I looked to. Brooke walking in the door after a long day at work. He and Vicki chatting about their day... the kids clamoring to tell/show dad what they did. When it came to day dreaming about being a stay at home mom... Vicki's life is what I used as the baseline. I think my mom knew that... and I think she was grateful that God placed someone like the B's in our lives. Quite literally the B's feel like home to me.

After a very fun and exhausting day, Chase zonked out about 3 minutes into the ride home.

Julia gave us carte blanche to come back whenever we want... I think Chase may be her first real live baby doll.


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dkamfam said...

I'm so glad you got to visit time. What a special family. And your hair looks cute! :)

Vicki said...

Thanks for the kind words! I must add that we were (& are) equally blessed with you as our "oldest child" (as we used to joke!) MANY days I'd have lost my sanity if you hadn't come over and helped me out. Good practice for your life today, eh? You were the big sister to my rambunctious boys and their "princess" sister! Hugs!!

kathi said...

Just loved the pic of him asleep, so dang cute.