Tuesday, July 21, 2009


On Sunday I was on a desperate search for corn dogs... which I have typed 'corn gods' by mistake no less than 3 times! Is there such thing as Freudian typing?

I digress. We ended up at Smithsburg Pride Days where they had corn dogs AND funnel cake! Score!

I think he likes them!

True Grandma love... sharing her funnel cake with Chase ;~)

As Chase and I were walking through the parking lot at the Y (for swim class) I hear "Is that the one with the hair mom?"

Then I hear "Yep, he's the one!"

At this point I am smiling ear to ear and I turn around to greet Chase's fan club. It was a (grand)mom from our swim class and she gushed about loving Chase's hair. She said she hoped her grandsons came in like that whenever it decides to start growing ;~)

Fast forward to Tuesday morning when Chase and I are touring the kennel (where Riley will stay while we are in SF). After we have gone over paperwork, after the complete tour through the facility, after I have spent at least 20 minutes with this extremely pleasant woman... she asks "Is it ok if she has a piece of taffy?"


"No, she can't have taffy. Thanks"

Are you thinking those pants are a little... ummm.... feminine? You'd be right. Those are Jenna's 18 month capri's... *sigh*... at least they are gray. Although I think my friends are going to start carrying only ridiculously girly outfits... just to see what I will do if my only choice are hot pants with flowers or booty shorts with pink trim. Anyway, genius mother that I am, forgot to pack a pair of shorts for after swim class (he wore his trunks there) so Dannette loaned us these. Mandy says I should do a post solely on all of his crossdressing.

I think I will start the therapy fund now.


Dannette said...

Thanks for the idea of packing more girly stuff in the bag, next time her might be wearing a skirt. :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet... ahhhhh~

KaraB said...

I want some of Grandma's funnel cake, too!!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

ROFL! That is just too cute!

Carrie and Scott said...

that was so sweet...i love it when they copy what you're saying.

Ebeling Family said...

awww!! awesome!

kathi said...

Such a sweet video. But c'mon...that's a guy shirt!!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

You're a mom after my own heart. I KNOW that I will be doing some SERIOUS forgetting in the weeks and months to come now that I am responsible for Ben on a daily basis!