Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hagerstown Fun

Late last night Adam and I decided to check out the Agriculture Expo happening in Boonsboro. We figured animals, fun and good eats. 2 out of 3 ain't too bad ;~) The food wasn't really up and running but we were there somewhat early so they were forgiven. Although I didn't see corn dogs on any of the menus so maybe I am bit to quick to forgive. I am jonesing for a corn dog like none other (and no, I am not pregnant ;~)

The cows were the first animals we happened upon. Meet Cookie's and Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate...

Ok, those aren't their names but if they were my cows... they would be. A world where I even paused to think about owning a cow... weird.

These 2 pigs were pretty animated... the one that you can barely see just wanted a bite of food but the one in the forefront would have none of it. Lots of grunting, pushing and munching going on.

The baby chicks and the baby ducks are what really got Chase animated. Up until this point he was a little awe struck and had no words or facial expression. These adorable little guys got him laughing and smiling.

Hmmm... me thinks someone really got a kick out of making this slide.

After this, I am seriously considering filling a sandbox with dried corn... way too cool.

They had a great area where you had to be UNDER a certain height to ride... genius! Chase thoroughly enjoyed this...

We tried out the John Deere first...

Then hopped onto the Ford.

Unfortunately they are pedal cars which even if Chase understood the concept, his legs are too short to complete the task. Luckily just the mere climbing off and on was thrilling.

Once we had enough of the small tractors, we moved onto the big guns.

Hmmm... I may see a future here.

He was in heaven running around to all the different tractors.

Now that is a lawn mower!

We stumbled across the tent with bunny rabbits where we just happened to discover Scout's rabbit twin!

Separated at birth?

I can't even say anything about this next guy...

except that I love him and wanted to take him home. I figured Riley might disown me so I didn't.

On our way back to the car we made full use of the large open field with a hill...

Story of my life these days... the kid is happy, crazy and running.

But he is still sweet enough to take time out, pick some 'flowers' and give them to daddy.

I love this kid.

My little man following my big man.

My world is good.


KaraB said...

"A world where I even paused to think about owning a cow... weird."<---HILARIOUS!

That place looks great!

Dannette said...

Looks like Chase had a great time. I saw on facebook you were going to a fair and was wondering what fair that was so now I know.

Mandy said...

And this is why I just love Hagerstown. Tractors, pigs, sliding out of a cow's ass. You can't get that just anywhere.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in York, PA, I loved the York Country Fair. I wish I can go back and visit again this fall. Looks like Chase had a full day of fun. Love the picture of him running.