Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing with Daddy

While Mamah and Grandma worked (on a Friday at 5 nonetheless!) Daddy played with Chase in the backyard.

Grandma would like to point out that in all her adventures with Chase in the backyard, never has he eaten dirt.

I am guessing that is what daddies are for ;~)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Case of the Pox

I was hoping it would pass over our house but alas it has not...

We have a bad case of the...


I sense Grandma is the one to blame... she did bring the stickers after all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Splash Pad!

Today some of us set out for the splash pad in Germantown... a bit of a hike to get there but well worth it!

This place was SO much fun!

Mandy, Dannette, the kids and I all piled into Mandy's van for the trip...

Look at the babies in their car seats... how cute!

I kind of want a mini-van now (shhhh, don't tell anyone).

The kiddos ready to hit the water.

Always a variation of the line up shot ;~)

Proving that yes I am actually there! Oh and BTW, if you go... wear a swimsuit. Dummy me didn't even give it a second thought until I pulled up at Mandy's house and realized she and Dannette both had theirs on. Yep, I got soaked. Oh well... I will be smarter next time!

Chase wasn't nearly as adventurous as I thought he would be. I honestly thought I would have a hard time keeping track of him and that he would take off through the water.

Not so much...

This was my view for a good portion of the day.

I did finally figure out that if I held his hand and kind of forced him to run through the water, he loved it... came out smiling each time.

However, if I let go...

This happened ;~(

I also figured out that it didn't have to be my hand... it could be Mandy and Sadie's!

I love this picture!

And I just have to mention Sadie because wow... the girl was fearless!

This might be one my favorite pictures ever... to be this young and carefree!

As per usual... 3 minutes in the car and a paci = nap for Chase.

He only got a 30 minute nap which is somewhat expected for sleeping in the car but it was well worth it!

We will definitely be going back!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Impromptu Fun

Our friends invited us over for pizza and outdoor fun Saturday night... which would have been perfect if we hadn't encountered a rainstorm like no other on the way there. Seriously... rain drops the size of golf balls!

That didn't dampen (ha ha... get it... I crack me up) our spirits. The 9 of us figured out how to have fun indoors. Which basically means the 6 of us laughed hysterically while the 3 of them running around like wild children.

Aprons Gone Wild!

Does that face show the enthusiasm?

Love these babies!

After a very splashy bath we put the kids in pj's... and yes, I borrowed Jenna's pj's... and yes, I realize this is getting a little out of hand. At least they are blue... well a shade of blue... whatever. Quit judging me.

In Jenna's big girl bed!

Horsing around in bed with Jenna and Sadie (who Chase calls "Cee-Cee"). 'Enjoy it now Chase... this will end soon. Very soon.'

Saying goodnight to his friends...

We stayed up way too late and had way too much fun! My theory... the only way to break rules is if they are followed the majority of the time!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Swim Class

Our first session of swim class has come to an end and I am sorry to see it go. I will definitely be signing up for more classes in the future. Chase did so well and I could really see improvement just in the 2 weeks of class.

However, the next time I sign up it will be once a week... no more of this 4 days in a row stuff. Between all the packing for class, getting out the door, getting into the swim diaper and swimsuit, into the pool, out of the pool, out of the wet swim diaper and swimsuit, into regular clothes and out the Y door... I still had to wash and dry the swimsuits and towels each night! Plus when it was suggested to go to Greenbrier on Friday... I just couldn't bring myself to go. I was so tired of the water, so tired of being always on guard against Chase drowning... I just couldn't imagine doing it for the 5th day in a row.

Grandma came to class on Wednesday and Adam came to Chase's last class on Thursday. They were able to get some really cute pictures and some video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So this is my 500th post. Wow... that's a lot of talking.

Is anyone shocked at that? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do for this post. Maybe think of something fun and cool... maybe something boring and regular... maybe stop blogging all together.

Settle down... I am just kidding.

Anyway, in keeping with God and His awesomeness... He provided me an excellent 500th post.

No, I am not pregnant.

Adam has accepted a job at a law firm here in Hagerstown!

He wasn't really looking to leave his current firm... in fact if you remember, he was looking for space here so he could work from Hagerstown a couple days a week. There were a few places that looked promising but nothing was ever settled on. After a candid conversation with his boss, Adam learned of a vacancy at the State's Attorney's office and decided to look into the job. Suddenly the idea of leaving his firm didn't seem so scary or out of the realm of possibility. All that to say that God was just priming Adam to be ready for the real opportunity.

2 weeks ago today, a partner at a well respected firm in Hagerstown was appointed to be a judge... which meant a vacancy in her law firm. Being up on Hagerstown knowledge, Adam knew that this firm had recently lost another attorney (moved up and on). Adam decided it couldn't hurt to contact the firm and see if they were interested in bringing someone new on. He emailed one of the partners (coincidentally the same man he spoke with about renting space just a month or so prior) and within 24 hours he was meeting with the partners. They were very impressed with Adam's work (he does have a lot of courtroom time considering how young he is) and said they would get back with him on Monday (this was Thursday). Oh in this meeting Adam learned an associate was leaving the firm as well... so from 5 lawyers to 2 within a few months.

All weekend we were on pins and needles. We really tried to come at it with the idea that if this didn't come through, it wasn't meant to be. It just meant something bigger was on the horizon. Even so, it was stressful waiting to see what direction our lives were going to take.

Monday came and went.

Oddly enough we were rather calm about it... which for those of you that know me, you know that isn't typical.

Tuesday came and... almost went. After 5 on his drive home, he got a call from the partner (the one that he originally emailed). He apologized profusely for not calling on Monday... they had gotten busy, ect. He wanted to meet with Adam the following day...

Rarely do people bring you back in just to tell you they are going in another direction... so we were hopeful.

On Wednesday Adam was offered the position.

On Thursday Adam officially accepted the job (with his boss' blessing... another bonus!)

Right now he is transitioning between the 2 firms... some cases will stay with the old firm, some will go with Adam to the new firm and some will remain a joint venture between Adam and the boss.

Adam's new office is downtown Hagerstown which means after story time at the library, Chase and I can walk over and see Daddy at his office! Maybe we'll even pack lunches and picnic!

On one hand I am very sad to see Adam leave his old firm... it is filled with extremely loving and caring people... a few of whom I plan on staying in close contact with! The old firm has given him so much... not just a job but confidence and experience. He has grown so much while he was there... in ways that he wouldn't have gotten working anywhere else, for anyone else. For that I will forever be grateful.

On the other hand... no more 1.5 to 2 hour commute. No more I-70. No more every other day fuel fill up. No more fear that if something happens, Adam is so far away. No more getting up at 5 (him not me ;~) and not getting home until 6. Just those things alone are worth the switch.

Sometimes God's plan amazes me.

About 6 weeks ago I was pulling out of our driveway and I got so discouraged. Here we are still renting... still so transient. We have no down payment... and how are we ever going to get one. We are never going to be able to own our own home. We'll never have a swing set in the backyard. I won't ever be able to truly decorate. Man this sucks. I swear, I spiraled that fast. I went from discouraged to the world was ending from reverse to drive. Then I just stopped and thought back to our life. I never saw the plan for our life before it was laid out in front of us. There have been so many instances where we thought 'impossible, this can never happen'... only to be greeted with a twist that made it so. Some things fell in our lap and some things we have worked hard for. I will be the first to admit, some of the twists come at a high price but that is life... and I just have to accept that.

As I sat in my car that day, I told myself I would not think like that anymore. I have no idea what God's plan for us is.... all I can do is live my life to the best of my ability and keep my eyes open. I drove forward and left the crap thinking behind me.

And here we are today. Totally blown away by God. If our friend had been appointed 3 weeks earlier, it wouldn't have even occurred to Adam to send that email. If it happened a week later, who's to say he wouldn't have been committed to another position somewhere else. It literally could not have happened at a better time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


On Sunday I was on a desperate search for corn dogs... which I have typed 'corn gods' by mistake no less than 3 times! Is there such thing as Freudian typing?

I digress. We ended up at Smithsburg Pride Days where they had corn dogs AND funnel cake! Score!

I think he likes them!

True Grandma love... sharing her funnel cake with Chase ;~)

As Chase and I were walking through the parking lot at the Y (for swim class) I hear "Is that the one with the hair mom?"

Then I hear "Yep, he's the one!"

At this point I am smiling ear to ear and I turn around to greet Chase's fan club. It was a (grand)mom from our swim class and she gushed about loving Chase's hair. She said she hoped her grandsons came in like that whenever it decides to start growing ;~)

Fast forward to Tuesday morning when Chase and I are touring the kennel (where Riley will stay while we are in SF). After we have gone over paperwork, after the complete tour through the facility, after I have spent at least 20 minutes with this extremely pleasant woman... she asks "Is it ok if she has a piece of taffy?"


"No, she can't have taffy. Thanks"

Are you thinking those pants are a little... ummm.... feminine? You'd be right. Those are Jenna's 18 month capri's... *sigh*... at least they are gray. Although I think my friends are going to start carrying only ridiculously girly outfits... just to see what I will do if my only choice are hot pants with flowers or booty shorts with pink trim. Anyway, genius mother that I am, forgot to pack a pair of shorts for after swim class (he wore his trunks there) so Dannette loaned us these. Mandy says I should do a post solely on all of his crossdressing.

I think I will start the therapy fund now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It was time...

Adam and I did a major overhaul of our kitchen.

Do you ever have that frustration of looking in the pantry and seeing tons of stuff but nothing to make? Or the aggravation of trying to find room for your groceries because there is too much crap in the way?

I don't know about you but it was driving me bonkers! So we emptied the cabinets, the pantry, the fridge and the freezer (one at a time of course) and went through each item one by one.

We checked the expiration date and then if it was still good, we weighed the likelihood that we would ever use it in a meal. If it passed the meal test then we found its rightful and correct home... as opposed to the haphazard 'put it where it fits' that we did when we moved in.

Can I share some embarrassment with you...

I am sorry. 2007? Adding insult to injury it is an entire MONTH before Chase was even born! WTF folks? And the true icing on the cake... this cup of Mac and Cheese has been with us for 3 homes.

Hanging my head in shame.

To top this one off... I can't even remember the last time I even used Shake and Bake. My only recollection is standing in the Pasadena kitchen, bag of pork chops and shake and bake in hand, and my mom telling me to 'make sure the entire pork chop is covered'...

I realize this box can't be from that time (roughly 16 years ago) but seriously... that is the last time I even remember thinking about using Shake and Bake... and yet I have had this box since before 2006 and loved it enough to carry it around through 3 homes.


A collection of all the expired food that was in our house... well, just the prepared food mind you... we hadn't even gone through the fridge and freezer at this point ;~)

I guess sometimes spring cleaning looks a little unusual.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hagerstown Fun

Late last night Adam and I decided to check out the Agriculture Expo happening in Boonsboro. We figured animals, fun and good eats. 2 out of 3 ain't too bad ;~) The food wasn't really up and running but we were there somewhat early so they were forgiven. Although I didn't see corn dogs on any of the menus so maybe I am bit to quick to forgive. I am jonesing for a corn dog like none other (and no, I am not pregnant ;~)

The cows were the first animals we happened upon. Meet Cookie's and Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate...

Ok, those aren't their names but if they were my cows... they would be. A world where I even paused to think about owning a cow... weird.

These 2 pigs were pretty animated... the one that you can barely see just wanted a bite of food but the one in the forefront would have none of it. Lots of grunting, pushing and munching going on.

The baby chicks and the baby ducks are what really got Chase animated. Up until this point he was a little awe struck and had no words or facial expression. These adorable little guys got him laughing and smiling.

Hmmm... me thinks someone really got a kick out of making this slide.

After this, I am seriously considering filling a sandbox with dried corn... way too cool.

They had a great area where you had to be UNDER a certain height to ride... genius! Chase thoroughly enjoyed this...

We tried out the John Deere first...

Then hopped onto the Ford.

Unfortunately they are pedal cars which even if Chase understood the concept, his legs are too short to complete the task. Luckily just the mere climbing off and on was thrilling.

Once we had enough of the small tractors, we moved onto the big guns.

Hmmm... I may see a future here.

He was in heaven running around to all the different tractors.

Now that is a lawn mower!

We stumbled across the tent with bunny rabbits where we just happened to discover Scout's rabbit twin!

Separated at birth?

I can't even say anything about this next guy...

except that I love him and wanted to take him home. I figured Riley might disown me so I didn't.

On our way back to the car we made full use of the large open field with a hill...

Story of my life these days... the kid is happy, crazy and running.

But he is still sweet enough to take time out, pick some 'flowers' and give them to daddy.

I love this kid.

My little man following my big man.

My world is good.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Warning you now... this may be an somewhat incoherent post. I passed tired a few hours ago and am bordering on sleep torture. Yeah yeah, I know... I should go to sleep now (is what many people will say). To that I say 'what the heck would I do when I woke up at 3 am?' And trust me, it would happen. Adam has the distinct ability to sleep... wake up... roll over and go back to sleep (and repeat as many times as necessary). I do not possess that skill.

Anywho... that's a big paragraph without any real meat in it. Is anyone still reading?

We officially booked our flight to CA! THIS was the last time my dad and his girlfriend saw Chase... what a difference a year and a half makes!

I am slightly terrified about the plane ride. 2.5 months was one thing... he slept on me (heck, that's the only way he slept!) and if he fussed... well I was still nursing so instant quiet! Now... sometimes nothing will calm the screaming beast. I have already started collecting fun distractions... a new slide and find book with his favorite: TRUCKS!, puzzles from Moe's (perfect travel size!) and crayons and paper. Also, several moms are lending me Elmo* DVD's which we plan on playing on my computer (the battery life on this thing is like no other ;~)

If anyone else has any good ideas, please feel free to chime in!

I am scared but I also know that I will just have to man up and deal with whatever he brings. I have to perfect my "I don't give a damn that you are shooting me full of daggers because my son is screaming" face. Maybe work on my "I want to pull my hair out but I have to keep cool so these people still think I am in control" demeanor. If all else fails rely on the "Have you ever had a 2 year old... Yes... Then you know my hell" eye roll. I have that last one poised and ready most days.

And you better believe he will have a haircut and the cutest damn outfit on so I can try to win people over with his charming good looks. I will be working those dimples for all they are worth.

In completely unrelated news... Chase and I started our mommy and me swim classes today! Let me start by saying that if I could do this once a week for the next 5 years, I totally would. I had a blast... and for the most part, so did Chase. He wasn't thrilled when the instructor held his hands and he splashed into the water for the first time... he looked at me with terror. He didn't go under or anything, I think it just caught him off guard. I quickly took his hands and showed him that mommy was bobbing around in the water too and that was all it took. He smiled ear to ear. I really hope that either daddy or grandma can come along one day and get some pictures... his face is priceless.

I did dunk him once with unfavorable results so we put that on the back burner for now. Even with the ill fated dunk, he bounced right back and was having a great time. The kid recovers like a champ when it comes to water.

The class is 4 days a week for the next 2 weeks. They aren't always like that... just for the summer course which is good because this schedule may break me ;~) Even still... totally worth it.

Now for a few recent Chase pictures... because it just wouldn't be my blog if I didn't.

Using Grandma's new lawn chair as a trampoline.

Being a little boy... down and dirty.

Gigantic baby here to take over your world... oh, just mine... got it.

Chase playing Peak-a-Boo. Notice Grandma and Grandpa really did up the fort. They cut back branches, added a Chase chair (he confiscated Grandma's lawn chair), made a sandbox out of a storage bin and filled it with Crayola Color Sand!

*Elmo is loved.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Spike

Adam, Sandy, Chase and I were on our way to pick up the new Roof Shampoo van when we came across a dog on the loose.

Now my 11 years with Riley has given me an extreme soft spot for runaway/loose dogs. Riley hasn't gotten out in at least 6.5 years but only because of my insane hyper-vigilant protectiveness. In the previous 4.5 years... well that is a different story. I could go on and on, story after story about Riley getting loose. Man has he taken us (my family, friends and I) on some whoppers. I won't bore you with the stories now (maybe later) but know that a lot of times it is because of a kind person or a friendly stranger that I still have Riley.

So when we saw this dog, I knew we had to find the owner... either that or we just inherited a new member of our family!

I should also mention that the dog was neither a pit bull, rottweiler, german shepard or any other dog that could take me down with one paw. While I feel sympathy for them and their owners, the police and animal control can take care of the situtation... they don't need my help. And please don't anyone chime in about how nice pit bulls can be. I don't like them, I don't want one around me and I will never think they are ok. I digress.

I made a make shift leash and checked his tags... which is when I found out I was dealing with Spike. Scary name... not so scary dog.

We called the number on the tag but didn't get an answer. So we called the vet number on the rabies tag and almost immediately they knew who we were talking about. They tried calling but still got no answer. They asked if we could bring him in and they would take care of him until they got a hold of the owners.

Perfect! So we drop Spike off at the vet where one of the techs informs me that she has known Spike since he was a puppy... and he is currently 13 years old! She is very familiar with the owners and knows they will be thrilled to get their dog back.

Mrs. Owner ended up calling Adam and thanking him. They didn't even know he had gotten out... they were out running errands! Tricky little pup!

Anyway, alls well that ends well. I am just glad we don't have another mouth to feed!

After all that... we got the van!

Isn't she a beaut! If you need a Roof Shampoo, tell them Jessi sent you!