Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blast from the Past

If you don't know already, I am a big fan of Facebook. I post status' all the time (*ahem* Mandy), I upload pictures like crazy, I constantly search out new 'old' friends... I've even been known to Facebook using the chat feature in the evenings.

Basically I am a big fan.

Just this past week I discovered a friend from high school lived out here in Hagerstown! What are the odds! It's been at least 15 years...

Apparently style was not my first priority.

Hot damn aren't we some stylin' beauties! Yep, I am wearing jean short overalls... and the worst part is the top I am wearing. It was one of those bodysuits that were all the rage... you know, the ones that snapped at the crotch. What were we thinking? Basically I wore a onesie when I was 15 years old. Awesome.

(Sorry for the boob shot... to be quite honest, I can't even remember that girls name.)

I am happy to report that we have matured and seem to have a sense of style... you know until we look at these pictures 15 years from now and shake our heads ;~)

Jen now with her lovely 9 month old Kyla.

Chase and Kyla having fun in the tent.

So this would be Chase's 'sharing' face... awesome isn't it? Just within the last few days I have really started to notice a territorial Chase coming out. It's about as fun as you would think...

Now Kyla is playing with Dozer... one of the most beloved toys in all our house but it doesn't end there. He tries to lay claim to anything anyone touches in the house... right down to puzzle pieces and blocks. *sigh*... guess I know what lesson we are working on next.

Anyway, back to the original point of the post... old friends! We had a great time and are definitely planning on hanging out again! I just love Facebook! If you have an account, friend me!


Dannette said...

Awesome Story! I am so glad that I joined FB, is has been great seeing what all my old High School and College friends are up to.

kathi said...

How come you're not my friend on FB??

The picture of Chase not sharing is hysterical. With two boys only 18 months apart, we always had a rule that if you couldn't share it, you couldn't play with it. It worked for us. They're still two of the most generous people you'd ever meet.

Body suit. Made me laugh. :)

dkamfam said...

It's great to connect with old friends. What fun that she is right in town!

Vicki said...

I wore one of those bodysuit things in the 70's LOL...and it was soooo uncomfortable. Who on earth decided they were a fashion rage??

Anonymous said...

oh... your high school pics! they don't even look that old!!