Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Love

It's official... I am now into my 30's. Yikes.

My day started with Eggs Chesapeake... one of my favorite hubby dishes! He has perfected it and this time we through in some garden tomatoes! Yum!

After breakfast we headed to this little girls 2nd birthday!

Lexi turned 2 on August 28... Happy Birthday little one!

As per usual, we did the group shot. You'll notice I called it group shot rather than line up... lining them up is significantly harder these days... so we throw them all in place and run back to take the picture. Worked well, don't you think?

That's Jack, Alexander, Adam, Anna, Jenna, Lexi, Sadie, Adrianna and Chase... not too shabby. We let baby Chloe sit this one out.

And wherever there are partying toddlers, there are cupcakes.

Adam calls this the 'unbib'... sometimes it's just easier. We are classy.

After nap (which can hardly be called a nap) we headed to the in-laws for a cookout.

This right here is fake surprise... clearly I was aware the iPhone was my birthday present ;~)

This is genuine surprise. My MIL knew I wanted a Breast Cancer bracelet so she did some research, found a local jeweler and together they designed this one for me. She even had the beads spell "Love Iris"... I couldn't have asked for a more personal and perfect gift.

Here we are with our matching 'cause' bracelets. Mine is for Breast Cancer and hers is for Suicide Prevention.

My little helper assisting me with the rest of my presents.

The Molten Chocolate Cake has become quite a tradition... and I do love them. But, for this birthday I opted for one of my favorite desserts... an Apple Crisp.

Adam did not disappoint... it was delicious. Seriously stuffed myself with this dessert. I may be asking for that again soon!

Chase man definitely liked it!

It really was a great birthday... laid back and relaxed... even a little productive (we went spider killing in our garage!) I am very blessed and couldn't have asked for more!


dkamfam said...

What a great birthday! Glad it was a good day. And even a little shout to my little one :). Can't wait to see the bracelet! What an awesome gift!

Oh, and we have some of that spider killing going on here too. Who do they think they are hanging out here?!?

Ebeling Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
what a special gift from your mom in law- how thoughtful!!!
I see that your playdates have got to be a LOT noisier than ours...that is a LOT of kids! I know those days are just around the corner for us, though!!

Dannette said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day.

kare kare said...

JESS, I had your Bday on my calendar and am so sorry I missed it. Anyway Happy Belated Bday. It sure looked like a great one. I love the bracelets. That is so touching. Hugs to the "nobib" kid. (how cute)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed your birthday Jess, I'm so sorry! It's the same day as my dad's, that's my only excuse. I hope you had a fantastic day (looks like you did!) and that apple crisp looks delectable :)
Happy Birthday!
nan :)

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Jess (late). We really miss you guys! Hope you had a GREAT day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! I think being 30's is cool. And I want to have a bite of the apple crisp! :)