Friday, August 21, 2009

We're Here! SF Part 1

I wouldn't say the trip was uneventful but we are here!

Early start this morning...

Oddly enough I think we packed less for this trip than when it was just the 2 of us. Conserve space is the name of the game!

Breakfast on the run. Halved grapes on a tupperware lid... fun and nutritious!

Fun in the airport... the moving walkway.

'Chase Airpane'... we've been talking about how much fun it will be for 3 weeks.

Poor Elmo... space was at a premium.

Just before we started our descent Chase finally crashed out. He woke just after we touched down (I will not talk about how the landing didn't wake him, the screaming 2 year old in front of us did... I am not her biggest fan).

We didn't have to (get to?) deplane... we pulled in, dropped people off, picked people up and pulled out. Either a direct flight or an actual layover would have been better. Oh well.

The next leg of the trip was just over 3 hours so we pulled out more tricks.

Ignore my mean face... I think I was concentrating on the camera and forgot to smile ;~) How
cute does Chase look with those headphones. We were deep in the heart of Elmo at this point.

Quickly realizing that Elmo TV was now keeping Chase awake when he was in need of another nap, we closed up the computer, read some books, sang a song and...

out like a light. This was about 25 minutes before touch down and, again, he slept through the landing!

So... funny story about this outfit. At some point during the first flight Chase's diaper did not hold up as well as I would have liked. It certainly had nothing to do with the fact that I forgot to change him... let's just go with it didn't hold up. Now it was just a little spot on my pants and a little spot on Chase's pants. No biggie and no reason to get worked up.

Those of you without kids cringing at the thought of not immediately changing... just wait. You may sing a different tune when you've had much worse done to you.

At some point during the second flight I was nodding off holding Chase on my lap. All the sudden I felt the unmistakable warm wet feeling... and it wasn't stopping. Yet again, I didn't change Chase often enough and his diaper gave way. The floodgates were opened on my lap.

At this point I am 1. angry beyond belief at myself, 2. absolutely mortified and 3. praying that no one sees or knows what just happened (well no one on the flight... clearly I am ok sharing with my internets ;~).

I stand Chase on Adam's lap and point out to him what just happened. We strip Chase of his pants which are not salvageable by any stretch of the imagination. We do a quick diaper change on Adam's lap and pull out the only other piece of clothing we have for Chase... his hippie poncho. We put it on as a skirt and sit him on Adam's lap. Now to take care of me. I look down to survey the damage... it most definitely looks like I peed myself. Awesome. I tie my hoodie on backwards and walk to the bathroom. I lamely attempt to dry my pants but nothing really helps... this is an air dry situation. I put the hoodie back on and just pray that no one figures out why I am wearing a jacket tied the wrong way. I sit down and try to air out as best as I could.

Now it must be said that I contemplated taking a picture but thought better of it... there is no way I am going to post a picture of my lap so why even bother. Besides, I think I am painting a good enough visual.

While I was in the bathroom trying to fix my pants, Adam realized that a poncho skirt was not going to work. He put Chase's legs in the armholes and I pulled the excess fabric around his waist as tight as I could and essentially made a ponytail.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The poncho pants worked until we could get our hands on the checked luggage.

Seriously, my poor child.

Finally we arrive in sunny beautiful California.

Just waiting for Grandpa Paul ;~)

Chase wasted no time getting to know Maverick...

Dad has a wonderful view from his balcony... 5th (and top) floor... looking out to the San Francisco Bay.

The balcony has glass railings... which if you want to see your view, this is fantastic. However, if you are a parent of a 22 month old and who just had nightmares about your child falling off a deck the night before you left for CA, this is terrifying. Even more so because Chase wants to be out there all the time!

Dad and Stacie's friends lent us some awesome kid things while we are here... pack and play, toys, books and a booster seat. Unfortunately it only fits on the counter... which presented a problem when we wanted to eat at the table.

Again, necessity is the mother of invention...

a deck chair with a bungee cord safety strap. Classic.

On our way to get yummy funky ice cream at Humphry Slocombe.

Dad got Balsamic caramel, Stacie got Prosciutto, Adam got Cinnamon brittle and I got Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee... definitely worth stopping in if you are in town!

We are really enjoying our time out here. Stay tuned for more of our adventures (re: tons more pictures ;~)


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love the pics! And don't feel bad. Both of my kids have had diaper blow outs. My daughter had the amazing ability to blow poo all up her back! Good times!

Anonymous said...

This posting just explains everything about why I LOVE your blog! lovely pics, good stories, and they are almost live! Have lots of funs while you are there. Keep blogging too! :)