Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Big Boy Toy

Introducing Chase and his first real 'boy' toy... meet Dozer!

Dozer has a handle on the back so Chase can practice rolling... his bucket moves up and down to plow through any toys that may be in the way... he makes noise when he starts off and moves forward... he has also given mommy the ability to silence the noise (thank you toy company!)... he has a seat and a steering wheel that turns the wheels for riding... he even has a storage area under the seat for Chase's wallet, ipod, camera, cell phone and bluetooth... well he is our kid, of course he would have all the gadgets!

I didn't realize it when I bought it but this is Chase's first boy specific toy... not that girls aren't welcome to play on it (Chase says 'Come on over ladies...') but as far as gender stereotyping with toys... this the first one! Maybe we should get him a barbie to even it out ;~)


Johnnie Avocado said...

Dozer RULES!!!! ...and looks like he can do some moving with that thing!

Michelle said...

He looks like such a "big boy" sitting on his new toy. Love his smile!

KiKi said...

he looks so cute sitting on it, your lucky most toys don't have a noise off switch like the sit and spin my little brother loved it and it never turned off

kathi said...

Hon, I know you probably get tired of reading me saying the same stuff over and over, but this kid has the best smile, EVER. Look how much fun he's having! A.L.M.O.S.T. makes me miss having babies, lol!

LoveLladro said...

johnnie - it does rule! he is still having fun with it!

michelle - doesn't he? i am so sad to see him growing up so much... well happy and sad.

kiki- that was a selling point!

kathi - i will NEVER get tired of reading or hearing how cute my kid is! keep it coming!