Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SF Part 6

Monday was pretty much our last day in SF and we decided to be a little touristy.

I have seen Fisherman's Wharf more times than one person should but I couldn't help going back again... I really wanted Chase to see the Sea Lions. And well, once we were at the Wharf... well the expression 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do' seemed to fit.

Because Adam and I were on our own today... Philz was first on the agenda. What can I say, when in SF, drink as much Philz as possible!

Perhaps one of the cutest things Chase has done on this trip is this:

whoever is not pushing gets the distinct honor of holding a seated Chase's hand. Just when I think he can't possibly be any cuter, he goes and does this.

On the way to meet friends of mine we happened across this statue and just couldn't pass up the photo op...

Lucky for me, my friends Kristine and Jeanine were both able to steal an hour away from work to come have coffee with us!

I haven't seen them in at least 4 years... since our vacation to Lake Tahoe/SF back in 2005.

This picture is from well before Lake Tahoe but I couldn't resist posting it...

This is circa 2002/2003... the early years of working at Ad.com... with my original SF team. Oh how I loved that time and this team!

Miss you guys and it was great to catch up!

After I said goodbye to the girls, Adam Chase and I headed to Fisherman's Wharf to see the Sea Lions. On the way there this happened:

Par for the course ;~) Equally as cute but for some reason this walk/sling-nap crushed my back. I actually had to sit down part of the way there... guess walking 1.5 miles with 30 lb toddler strapped to you doesn't always work out ;~)

Once we were there we did a little shopping... or at least some trying on...

Then we visited the all important Sea Lions!

I just love watching these guys! My friend Kelly described it as a soap opera... someones always yelling, there's always a fight, a lot of pushing and shoving goes on and of course, someone is always sleeping with someone else... just look at them!

I don't think I have ever been here when it's been this crowded... not the people, the floating planks! There wasn't one plank open... they were all covered end to end with sea lions.

I wanted to take one home with me as a pet but then my nose changed my mind... man they can stink up an area ;~) Still cute... but I left them all there!

Family photo op!

Passing on my love affair with corn dogs. Seriously, if they are available, I can't pass them up!

After lunch we headed to see my dad at his new Google office in SF. He was commuting to Mountain View which was unpleasant to say the least... but nowadays, he's a quick 10 minute Muni ride to the office.

Google doesn't actually let you take pictures on the inside of the building (with good reason) but they do have this fun sign in the lobby...

'so... where are we again Mom?'

And because Adam and I were in charge of the day... back to Philz ;~) To be fair, we had to get off one Muni train and onto another right at the corner where Philz is... it's practically a sin not to go. And you know how I hate sinning.

Whatever, don't judge me.

I didn't actually get coffee this time for fear of not sleeping until Thursday... I don't do well with caffeine later in the day. I opted for the Philz Hot Chocolate which did not disappoint. I love that place.

So funny story...

This actually happened somewhere at the beginning of the week, I just forgot to post until now. So Chase was exploring his surroundings... figuring out what he could get into and how far he could get before being scolded. The kitchen is a particularly inviting place for this behavior.

I was at the fridge getting some water from the dispenser on the door. Now I have to say, our dispenser comes out like it's rationing water for Y2K... painfully slow. My dad's dispenser does not... it shoots water out with a vengeance.

Chase watched me get water and when I removed the glass, he put his little hands right up to the button (who knew he was that tall anyway!) and you guessed it... just like a bulls eye. He pushes the button and the water shoots him in the face.

There is silence for a moment... I just hold back to see what response he will give. Then the tears start... as does my uncontrollable laughter. I swear, I tried with all my might to comfort him but I will be damned if that wasn't the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

And you better believe, he stayed away from that button for the rest of the trip.

Ok, back to the day! For our last dinner, we headed to Eliza Restaurant near Dad and Stacie's apartment.

Grandpa getting some good hand holding time in with Chase!

Once we were at the restaurant Chase kind of threw a conniption fit... nothing where people really looked... mainly because I hauled his tush out before I could get the stares.

I put him in the sling and we walked and sang for a few blocks. I was really hoping that he would fall asleep but no such luck.

However, he did sit like this for a little while... probably 15 minutes while walking and 10 while in the restaurant. And somehow, that did the trick. For the rest of the evening he was pleasant and smiley. Just a little cuddle time with Mamah did the trick ;~)

I am so lucky that my friend Kelly was able to come out for dinner and visit with us. We were getting down to the wire and it wouldn't have been a complete trip if I didn't see her!

Kel and I have been friends since college... even going on Spring Break together (was that 98... Lord have mercy... I am not posting a picture of that!) We were fortunate enough to work together for a few years at Ad.com as well (hello small world!) I am so glad we were able to spend some time together before Adam and I headed back to the east coast!

Tuesday was our travel home day... which I am sitting on our couch... so rest assured the pilot did a good job ;~) Look for the last installment of the SF series tomorrow.

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Dannette said...

Glad you had a fun trip! And being able to catch up with old friends is always a blast. Welcome Back!