Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy 30th to my wonderful husband!

It's official... he's over the hill! At least so says his new hat ;~)

Adam and I took the plunge and got iPhones at the beginning of the month and agreed that they would be our birthday presents to each other. That didn't stop me from wrapping his iPhone box and having him 'open' it!

Adam's parents got him a composter... something Adam has been really wanting because his current method of a pile by the shed is not doing so well. You know you are old when you are excited about gifts like this ;~)

Some sharp new ties for his new job! Adam starts at the Hagerstown law firm on Monday! No more 2 hour commute!

Being the beautiful soul that he is, Adam made his famous Molten Chocolate cake for dessert. Yep, you read right... he made his own birthday cake. Sad I know.

In my defense... this wouldn't happen if he wasn't so damn good at cooking and baking!

Also in my defense I was pretty sick today. I woke up not feeling well and very little has changed throughout the day. I am hoping it's a quick bug and I can be back up to speed quickly ;~) I was sad to be sick on his 30th birthday but glad that he was around to help with Chase and really glad it was now and not when we leave for CA!


KaraB said...

30...over the hill? Ugh, you young ones and your sense of humor!!!

Dang, he makes a nice lookin' cake!

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adam!

I just passed my b-day in MI. Oh well, I feel I am over the hill!

Ebeling Family said...

Sweet cake!!
Happy Bday, adam!