Monday, August 10, 2009

Hodge Podge

I have been trying to post something... anything... but nothing has come to fruition.

I have had a headache to end all headaches for the past 16 hours. Serious pounding on my skull... like my brain was trying to push through my skull. Have I made my point? Pain. Blinding pain. Add a toddler who doesn't feel well and Sesame Street with poor sound quality... well you get the idea. I am finally getting some relief... after taking Excedrin. Hopefully this will be a distant memory tomorrow.

Oh and the toddler that doesn't feel well... it wasn't anything big... he was running a fever yesterday so we've been taking it easy today (relying heavily on Sesame Street and Elmo... I love that furry little monster). The reason I took him to the doc was because of this persistent rash on his check and upper lip and because of a bug bite on his arm that seems to be getting worse. I don't know why I bother really... the doc didn't say anything that I didn't already know. He thinks the rash is eczema and told me to keep using cortisone cream and put Vaseline (or some other heavy thick moisturizer) on it during the day. As for the bug bite... told me to watch it to be sure it doesn't get any bigger or worse looking. Fascinating isn't it? Sorry if this is boring.

Anyway, as you can tell, it's been a rough day here at the G house. Oh, I forgot to add that Chase only napped for 45 minutes. Yeah... awesome.

Ok, enough with the pit party.

You know what is great... Adam left work and was home in 15 minutes. So awesome.

Ok... I was trying to post this stuff over the weekend but never got around to it... so better late then never!


Friday some of the moms and I got together at the Discovery Station in downtown Hagerstown. Who knew we had something this cool so close by!

Just by co-incidence it was 'the boys' hanging out today! Jack, Aiden, Adam and Chase!

This was the best I could do in getting all the boys in one picture!

Here are the moms I was hanging out with... anyone spot the trend?

Let's just say I didn't drink any of their water!

Jack and Chase doing some work at the office.

Is this not the scariest picture ever? I was actually in the process of standing up to ensure he didn't crack his head when I snapped the picture. I firmly stated that his tushie had to be on the slide and from that point on, every time he got to the top he said 'tushie' and sat down. At least he listens... while mocking me.

Aiden and Chase playing in the airplane!

Quite possibly Chase's favorite part... the cha choo! The keypad he is playing with makes a multitude of train sounds.


Dinner Friday night was given in the form of a present from Kare Kare... a dozen freshly steamed crabs!

Just gorgeous ain't they?

Chase enjoyed playing with the crabs more than eating them...

As you can tell... we were enjoying ourselves! Thanks SO much Kare Kare... they were wonderful!



This is an addendum to THIS post.

By telling this story I am fully aware that I may have to give up my city girl status but I am going to tell it anyway.

By the time we left the AI concert it was about midnight... so there are very few cars on the street. I pull out of the parking garage and start driving. My plan of action is drive like you know where you are until you actually know where you are... same plan of action with walking in the city... the less confused you look, the less of a target you are. Anyway, I start driving... and I turn down this street... then this street... still getting my bearings. I have my blinker on to turn and I hear some honking from the one lone car on the road... whatever, it's the city, he's probably honking because he's used to it and doesn't know how to drive without honking. I start to turn and I hear "Whoa... Whoa... Whoa...!" Now at this point I am firmly in place driving down the street I turned onto when I hear "WRONG WAY!!!!" I immediately swing the car around (yep, u-turn in the middle of the street) and correct myself before my MIL even knew what had happened. I stuck my hand out the window and yelled a 'THANK YOU' to my guardian angels (aka, 3 guys on the corner) and went driving away.

A few things here... 1. thankfully I had my window down and heard the warning... 2. thankfully I insisted on driving our Focus instead of my MIL's brand new Traverse... 3. thankfully no one was on that street going the RIGHT direction... and 4. thankfully I think very fast when in a moment of panic!

In all my years of living in the city, I have NEVER turned the wrong way down a one way street. I actually prided myself and my ability to zip around the city so efficiently.


Where do I turn in my city girl status?


Evil Twin's Wife said...

The discovery center looks like fun - we have something similar here. The kids dig it. :-)

SissyKristin said...

SUCH CUTE PICS!! Though that one running down the slide did give me bad chills. UGH....I don't have the heart for little boy's daring ways I don't think!!

And I am not turning you over to the city-girl authorities. I myself have been known to break some traffic laws in the NYC. I mean, really? We can't make a right on red at 4am? Stupid. Street signs that late are just suggestions. (Glad you are safe though, all kidding aside!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I hope you feel better. Those headache is not fun! And the picture of Chase running down the slide made to hold my breathe. Whew...

Ebeling Family said...

hey, sorry about that headache of yours- praying it becomes a distant memory!
I saw that pic of the three moms- how fun is that! I was pregnant at the same time as two of my close friends, and it was awesome to be able to share that experience :)


Caleb and Adrienne said...

I miss MD crabs....sigh...

Mary said...

How did you mess up his hair? My brother in law cut his sons hair (super curly blonde hair) and did a great job. I'm still a little stunned that I cut my bangs myself.