Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekend Recap

So as you might have suspected, it was a very busy weekend for Adam and I. The funeral was last night and there was a lot of prep work to be done... in the midst of life as usual.

Friday was life as usual in the morning. Dannette's birthday is actually tomorrow but we all got together to celebrate on Friday. We made an attempt at a surprise, but Dannette quickly figured out what was going on. Stealth we are not.

This is what 9 babies and their mommies look like! It was semi-controlled chaos and it was so much fun. Thanks to Jess for hosting such madness.

As we like to do, we lined the kids up on the couch and snapped away. It seriously looked like the paparazzi. I actually borrowed Katy's version of the picture since I am still learning my camera and somewhat mucked it up. Live and learn ;~) As you can see, Chase was thrilled with this idea. Not a happy camper.

L to R: Sadie, Jenna, Chase, Adrianna, Adam, Lexi, Aiden, Anna and Laura!

Friday night Adam and I spent preparing for Pete's funeral service. Adam worked on a photo board and picked out pictures to put around the chapel and I designed and printed his remembrance cards... a talent I have unfortunately cultivated. It was a very late night... we were bound and determined to finish everything Friday night so we didn't have to rush around on Saturday. Pete's brother and his wife were coming into town, as well as Adam's best friend Spencer and we wanted to be able to visit and enjoy the time together, not spend it running around. We powered through and got it done... and we have some fun memories of us working together... you can't beat that.

Saturday was a very relaxing day. We lunched, we chatted, we enjoyed each other's company.

Here is Chase all ready for Pops' funeral.

The service was fantastic... you know, for a funeral service. We were EXTREMELY blessed to have a pastoral friend of ours, Pat, and his wife Kristen come from Annapolis to preside over the service. Pat has been a pastor for a little over 2 years and this was his first funeral. He didn't even hesitate when Adam asked, he was just happy to serve. He counseled with Greg (BACC's senior pastor who married my mom and step dad, married Adam and I and presided over my moms funeral) at length and the outcome was a beautiful service. It was filled with this unabashedly love for Jesus Christ. He made no qualms about proclaiming the love and healing that we can find in Christ. He also talked about some misconceptions about suicide and what is taught in churches. It was a message that the people there needed to hear, not only for Pete but for Ryan too. I can't thank Pat and Kristen enough for being such good friends and doing this for Adam and I.

Sunday was a good ole lazy morning. Spencer and Adam ran out to the grocery store and got fixins for waffles (shout out to the Townley's!), eggs, sausage and bacon. What resulted was a feast for for kings and queens... which we quickly made short work of.

Becky looking at Sandy's Ryan album.

Adam and Spencer getting some quality time together.

It was really a good feeling to be surrounded with family and friends this weekend. We had such fun hearing and sharing stories about Pete and Ryan, knowing that while they had demons, they had good times too. They were both men trying to find a way out and just didn't make it in time... but no matter what they did or who they became, they were still a dad and a brother and they were and still are loved. As Pat said, the funeral service is a closure for death but the healing continues. Here's to the continuation of our healing... RIP Pete.


Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

I'm so glad to hear it went well. I was thinking about you guys. Chase looks like such a little man all dressed up!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It sounds like the best in such a tragic situation. And, you all got to see some friends too. I'm sure that made it somewhat easier. {{{Hugs}}}

Johnnie Avocado said...

The 9 kids on the couch made my temples throb. ...and I love Adam's "butt's out, because we're not gay" hugg!

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Fantastic blog you have going here. I will definately tune back in to this one......
Take good care and.....

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