Friday, March 13, 2009

It has been done... the first haircut!

We didn't actually plan to get Chase's haircut today... it just kind of happened. We were on our way home from Walmart and stopped at Starbucks for coffee. We casually started talking about needing to trim his hair... at least in the front... it was always in his eyes . While we were in line Adam got on the internet to look for kid hair salons in the area... we didn't find anything but I saw a Hair Cuttery in the distance. Hmmm, I bet they cut kids hair. We go over and are getting out of the car when we discover that Chase soaked through his diaper and a good portion of his pants. Good thing I packed an extra pair of pants! I will take this time to say a diaper bag with no diapers... just a useless bag ;~( Yep... I forgot to restock so I am completely out! Awesome.

I do have a cloth diaper that I have been using as a burp cloth... I bet that will work!

We put that around him... with nothing but the clean pair of pants holding it up and go into Hair Cuttery. We have come so far that I didn't want to quit.

They have an opening! Woot, this is going to happen!

Just having fun and exploring while we wait to be called back.

Checking out the silver box daddy always has with him!

We are called back a couple minutes later and just as I am going to sit him in the booster I realize he has leaked through our makeshift diaper and only clean pair of pants. Whoops... mommy is not as smart as she thought. We bail on the haircut and hurry home.

This is what a negligent mommy will do to you:

So sad! Seriously I couldn't feel worse but at the same time... really freakin funny. I get Chase cleaned up while Adam looks for another salon... maybe one more kid oriented. He finds a place and calls but they are booked tonight. I am starting to feel like this momentum that I had going was fizzling and it would be another 17 months until I was ready again... then Adam had a brilliant idea.

My hair dresser is a friend of Adam's from a long time ago and she has been wanting to see Adam and Chase since we moved back to town... let's just stop in to her salon and see if she can do a quick cut while we say hi.

Sure enough, not only is she thrilled to see Adam and Chase, she has plenty of time to cut Chase's hair!

While we wait for her to finish with her client, Chase preps himself to have his hair cut.

We hop up in the chair and get started...

He's definitely not sure about this whole 'touching my head, cutting my hair off' thing at first...

But soon enough he grows fond of Pam and doesn't mind her messing with his head.

Mommy's keys provide a nice distraction...

Actually, this is kind of fun!

May I present... freshly groomed little man!

We wanted to keep the length but give him a cleaned up look and I think Pam did a great job! While I am sad to see those first hairs go, I am very happy with his new look.

If you are in Hagerstown and in need of a great stylist... may I recommend Pam from Simplicity! I just love her!

Now... I am off to put a stack of diapers in the Jeep... you know, just in case!


SissyKristin said...

Patrick just glanced at my computer when the picture of chase in his wet pants was the only pic on the screen. he not only laughed hysterically, but actually paused the tv to get the scoop. we're dying laughing. CHASE LOOKS ADORABLE in these pictures!! what a fun story....yet i'm sure not that much fun if i was the one with wet pants!! Love it and his new look!

Ebeling Family Blog said...

oh, my goodness- what a fantastic story: and i love that you kept some of the length of his hair- great new look!!
hey, just let me know if you want me to send some prints of the food pics :) glad that you guys liked them so much!!

Michelle said...

He looks so cute with his new haircut!!! And the wet pants will just had to the fondness of the memory years from now! ;)

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

He looks great! Wish I was there to give him a hug love him up!

Dannette said...

He lookd very handsome. Can't wait to see it in person

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like he did great! My babies ... 6+ years ago used to scream! He's adorable.

KiKi said...

i was soo afraid you would cut it all off!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Jess! He looks great :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Great new do! Did you all get to keep a clip? (and not to rub it in, but I am so GLAD to be done with diapers...then again, my kid is 3 years old, it was about time!).

LoveLladro said...

Kristin - that would be the time to see my blog... parenting at its best!

em - i think he looks a bit like a beatle... but way cuter and way more American ;~)

Michelle - we had the same thought... this will probably be a picture that family legends are made of.

c mama - i wish you were here too... sure I can't convince hubby to buy a house out here.. it's cheaper!

Dannette - I feel like it's been so long... when will we see you guys again!

Margaret - thanks for the comment! I am hoping he keeps up with the ambilevelnce... it was nice ;~)

Kiki - definitely had to keep the length... i love it so!

Nancy - thanks... he is a stunner!

ETW - yeah, I have some of the original hair... sniff sniff. and I don't begrudge you the happiness of being out of diapers... I look forward to it too... I am probably many years out but one day...