Friday, March 06, 2009

5 years

5 years goes by too fast.

Today was the 5th anniversary of Ryan's death.

What really haunts me is that he was Sandy's Chase. Ryan was her first born... the one she learned from... the one that she experienced firsts with... the guinea pig ;~) Sometimes when I experience the joy of Chase, I think about Sandy and how it was to lose this little boy of hers. How she remembers the feeling of first holding his hand and walking with him... and then remembering that she buried him. I can't even describe the lump that rises in my throat. All I can do is try harder to etch the joy of Chase deeper in my heart and believe that in all things, God has his hand.

Rest in peace Ryan... you are greatly loved and greatly missed.


Mandy said...

Beautifully written, Jessi. Made me a little teary, and I don't even know who Ryan is :)
Enjoy your sweet Chase; I know you do.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

No one should have to bury a child. That's so sad...

Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing. What a hard thing. Your MIL is blessed that you try to empathize with her life. Each day is truly a gift!