Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mom and Dad go out!

We did it... Adam and I went to dinner with his boss and wife and we left Chase with a babysitter! Granted the babysitter(s) were a husband and wife team with a 9 month old... friends of ours... oh and he's a pastor at our church... yeah, can't pick a more trustworthy couple ;~)

In all seriousness... it was really sad to leave him but Pat and Kristen are 2 of the nicest, warmest and most loving people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Leaving Chase with them was really not as hard as I thought... I was actually more worried for them then I was Chase. After all, they just had Ava 9 months ago... they know all this stuff ;~) Unfortunately Chase was crying when we left and it is hard if that is the last image you have... so I called when I got to the restaurant just to make sure he stopped crying... of course he did and he even cat napped on Kristen (Pat tried to send picture mail but Sprint sucks and it costs too much money for us to retrieve ;~) From then on I didn't worry one bit about them... I just sat back, enjoyed good food and reveled in hysterical conversation. Adam's boss Leo and his wife Jan are so much fun, my face actually hurt from laughing and smiling so much.

Getting ready to hand Chase off to Pat, Kristen and Ava

Can you see how tightly I am holding Chase's arm... poor little wrist ;~)

Dad's having fun with their babies!

Chase was of course in one piece, happy and healthy when we got back and according to Pat and Kristen, very easy and happy the whole time. Whew and YAY! I think we might do this again one day ;~)

Oh and get this... my little Mr. Spit Up King... Sir Pukes A Lot... Admiral Rug Cleaner... didn't spit up once while he was there... not a SINGLE time. That is until we got there... a whopping 4 times from the time we got back until we left... little booger.

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kathi said...

I love all the pictures, starting with the irish outfit! I'm sitting here showing Chase's picture to work buddies, he's so adorable!

Glad y'all got your night out, it's important, and I'm so glad that y'all had fun.

I had a spitter, understand completely...Charlie gave Linda Blair a run for her money!