Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge #8

This weeks challenge was food. Em posted early and did such a great job with the composition of the actual photographs that it inspired me to try the same. It shows up small in blogger but you should be able to enlarge it by clicking on it ;~)



KaraB said...

Fantastic pictures. And now I'm hungry.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I was hungry already - now I'm starving! :-) Nice pics.

Ebeling Family Blog said...

these are really nice- i like the progression of the photos-telling the story of supper- it looks so yummy!
what makes this series really work for me is the alternating angles each picture is taken at- done on purpose?
the first photo of the pineapple is my favorite of the series- i like that you kept the top of it for the picture- it's such a dynamic piece of the fruit
nice series!

ps. thanks for the great feedback on mine :)

Erica said...

1.I really like this picture. It made me study it to make me think about how you cut up a pineapple.

2. I like the chopped up stuff, but I think I would've like it better from the side so that I could see a heap o' stuff.

3. I like the repetition of the shape, but I don't like the packaging.

4. I like the lighting and I can picture you standing there cooking. (If I actually knew what you look like)

5. This is my favorite! I really like the lighting and all of the colors. As a set i think that it is fantastic! I loved seeing the process.

Bexy said...

The pineapple one is lovely - great angle.

I like the chopping board photo a lot - the neatness of it.

the third pic probably does it the least for me. I guess I like to see more color, more of a contrast.

The 4th one is great :) The way the saucepan has the spatula over it and the tortillas. Tells a story here.

and the last one - mmmm that just looks delicious!

katie said...

Nice set! I like how it shows the progression of making and then eating dinner. I also like how you played around with the angles. That is something I need to do more. I think the last one is my favorite--all the colors are brought together, and it looks really good!

chocolate hug said...

Jessi, these are so fun! I too enjoyed how Em displayed her photos and think doing something similar was a strong choice. It affected your images positively.

1.) This image and the last one are my favorite! I do wish, with how bright and tropical the pineapple is, that there was a little more directed light...

I really enjoy how the green of the countertop balances the green of the pineapple top!

2.)Nice angle.

3.) I think it was a strong choice to have the plate you used for the last photo in at least one other photos, but I agree with some of the others that the packaging sort of takes away from the fresh feeling that the rest of the images have.

4.) Another nice angle that keeps the images as a whole interesting. I like the repeating circles.

5.) Just lovely and delicious . I love that you didn't photograph the finished product, but rather the half eaten product. It gives the viewer a sense of you... wait,t hat doesn't seem right...I guess in a way I see this image almost as if you were in it. when I look at it I can't help but imagine the photographer enjoying a bite before taking a picture.

Lovely set!


p.s. what's the glaze you put on the shells?