Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today's Antics

Ok... I will be answering questions but I want to give it some more time and then I will make one big post.

In the meantime, some news about us.

Chase now says Mama, Dada and Hi! He has been saying Mama and Dada for the past week or so and we kept wondering if he really knew what he was saying or if they were just sounds. We are now convinced he knows what the mean. He knows where to point or look and he says them when asked ;~) YAY! My boy is a genius. The word Hi is relatively new... like today new. Grandma heard that one and praised him... then he couldn't get enough of saying it. Uh oh is still his favorite word though. He entertained Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave with his never-ending supply of uh-ohs every time they tossed something to the ground.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave were up to help clean out Grandma's house. It really is amazing how much one person can collect over a lifetime ;~) After we were done we went to the Creamery and enjoyed some ice cream in the beautiful spring weather.

Couldn't you just eat this kid up? Also, that seat... best investment ever! It stays in the car with us and it is SO handy! On chairs, in booths, on picnic tables... it works everywhere!

Tonight was girls night out for the Hagerstown moms! The 10 of us had dinner at the Olive Garden and then headed to Kohl's to shop. Laugh if you must but you shop with a 16 month old and you'll shut up right quick. We browsed, we meandered, we contemplated... it was glorious!

Ok... from L to R: me, Laura, Dannette, Mandy, Katrina, Laura, Katy, Shelby, Kari and Jess! Whew! That's a mouthful ;~)

In other news... Adam and I bought a basketball and a basketball hoop today. It started out we were just shopping for the basketball. We had done some research about the hoops and weren't willing to spend too much money so we resigned to just getting the ball and looking for deals in the future. When we went to Walmart (don't judge, it really is cheaper) we found comparable hoops within the price range we wanted... sold. This is our answer to a gym membership we won't use and just not exercising at all... both of which we have done. Adam really enjoys just shooting hoops and I enjoy spending time with him away from the distractions that linger inside... plus it will be something that Chase can enjoy growing up. I am very excited to get it set up and put it to good use... I see a project for tomorrow!

On our way home from Walmart we stopped at a local park to play around with the new basketball...

Definitely fun!

Ok, it's late and daylight savings night so I better get off the computer and get some sleep! Crossing my fingers that Chase doesn't realize the time change and sleeps late!

Just a quick prayer request. Check out this blog Their little boy is very sick and needs prayer from anyone and everyone. They have a very compelling story and she is such an inspiration, it's well worth the read!

Don't forget this post... ask me questions!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Having a hot meal all to yourself and being able to actually try clothes on is such a luxury. I do a lot of buying and returning these days...

SissyKristin said...

Oh how fun! What a great day and GREAT PICS!!!

dkamfam said...

What a great day! And you got a family pic, too! That was a great night out. We still have to go see our movie, though!

Johnnie Avocado said... guys look like you had a blast.

Carrie and Scott said...

i have the same seat...i love it too! I need 2 one for the car and it's so nice to use instead of the highchair as well.