Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Because we are so good at it...

moving of course!

Yep, it's true and official... we are moving out of the cottage!

No we didn't buy a house... you probably would have known that before now ;~)

Adam's grandmother passed away in January and the family isn't ready to sell the house... and they don't want to let it sit empty... and they don't want to be landlords. Enter the G's. They graciously offered us use of the house until they are ready to put it on the market. It really benefits everyone involved. It's actually been in the works for some time but we didn't have a definitive date until now.

The house is a duplex but no one lives in the adjoining house... actually no one lives in the house on the other side either so it should be pretty quiet! Oh and it's only about 4 miles away from where we currently live so there will be little disruption in the life we have created in Hagerstown!

The house is 1500 square feet... I think I might get lost for the first week or so! It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths... count them... 2 baths!!!! I think I might faint! I will actually be able to get up before Chase and shower, dress and be ready for the day! Oh the glories! It also has a sun-room which we will use for Adam's home office and my craft area. That leads out to a nice back deck and a cute small yard. It also has a dining room... which means I can finally set up the solid oak table and chairs that was my moms. And now that I am so into cooking dinner, I will actually have somewhere to serve it! Oh and we can have guests over... we can entertain again! YAY! The whole set up is really great... nice wide open dining room/living room/kitchen area and then the hall is just a bunch of doors which will probably be closed so Chase can tear up and down without getting into trouble!

Seriously, have I mentioned how great this is going to be? No... it's going to be great!

With this tremendous opportunity comes fear for me. We will once again be responsible for monthly bills... something that we haven't had for quite a while. I am afraid that we won't make it... that it will be evident that I am being selfish to be a stay at home mom... that we as a family will fail before we even had the chance to make it. I know that sounds impossibly tragic and really, this move shouldn't be shouldering all that burden but I can't help it. I worry, it's what I do. I am trying to remind myself that God has brought us this far... and brought us here better than we were when we started. I am trying to remind myself to trust in Him and He will meet our needs. All I need to do is be faithful and He will do the rest. That is a tall order but I am up for the challenge. Just bear with me if I don't seem quite as enthused as I should.

Seriously though, make no mistake.... I am so appreciative of the offer, I could cry from the generosity shown to Adam and I.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

That is so wonderful! Our first house was about 1500 sq ft and it was perfect for the three of us (we moved into this house 2 years before Sissy was born). You know, when we first started out as a single income family, it was hard. There were adjustments, but once you get used to living on a budget, it gets easier and easier! Good luck! I'm excited for you all.

AmyJean said...

WOW! That's so amazing! I'm thrilled for you guys! :)

KaraB said...


The worrying is a byproduct of motherhood, I think. I feel like I'm in a constant state of worry these days. But somehow, things work out, don't they? And they will now, too.

OK, so you can entertain...hmmm...I'll be over for dinner at 6 ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jess, that's great! You're right to put your trust in Him, it doesn't seem like He'd give you and Adam this opportunity if it weren't going to work out. So when do you move?!
~Nancy :)

SissyKristin said...

O lord...I commented last night and it didn't post. It went like this. YAAAAAAAAAY! That is so exciting for you guys and it will work out. It always does and your family is in a wonderful spot right now. And since I am a professional procrastinator, feel free to call me about not packing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great news! Exciting. Don't worry, things will work out. So, when are we coming over? ;-)

Johnnie Avocado said...

awesome opportunity.....today's economy makes it darn near impossible to have a stay home parent. You are very lucky that you won't have a mortgage. And for what it's worth...Frodo has thrived in daycare. Everyone tells us how social he is. So I'm saying I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here.

Ebeling Family Blog said...

yay for you!!!! I'll pray that you will be able to stand the extra bills- remember that HE made enough to eat for 5000 men out of a few fish and a couple pieces of bread... I have a feeling that you guys will make it- enjoy this wonderful blessing!

kathi said...

That's very cool. Is this house something that y'all would consider buying? The price may be something they'd consider to lower to keep it in the family and help y'all out.
Something that has helped me when worrying happens is to put on some praise music (right now, I'm wearing Third Day's Revelation cd out!)on and just get lost in it.

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Thanks for the prayer!

WOW! How exciting about the move. I know what you mean about the worrying....but I also know that this sounds too good to be fearful! =0)