Friday, March 06, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge #7

This week was a macro challenge... get in, get close, get abstract.

Here are my best shots. I am not thrilled with the exposure but I like a lot of my concepts ;~) I thought I had 3 filters that would make shooting this challenge a lot of fun but as it turns out they are 49mm and my lens is a 52 mm... so close. Oh well... hopefully there is an adapter that I can buy to use them in the future but for now I will have to settle with the straight lens.

There is a theme that runs through these pictures but I don't know how obvious it is... 50 G points* to whoever figures it out.

*G points will only make you the envy of friends and family... they have no monetary value.


dkamfam said...

Still thinking on the theme because, let's face it, I want G points. The last photo is my fav, though.

Demetri and Sarah said...

I think the theme is "green"

LoveLladro said...

kari - they are all the rage... you should want them ;~)

sarah - nope, sorry ;~) try again!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

GREAT shots. The theme is "thing that are useful"?

TortfeasorG said...

pretty sure i know the theme, but i live with you so it's probably not fair!

Ebeling Family Blog said...

haha-I like all the comments so far- these are really fun!
I love the vivid colors- everything seems to have a flea market type of feel- kind of old and ecclectic- great job !

Bexy said...

I like the "primary color" look to these pics. There's something very fun and comfortable about them.

I especially like the pushpin one - I think mostly because I like the combination of blue/green/purple a lot :)

The fish and watch ones are great - nice to see a close-up of what's in the funky fish.

katie said...

Nice! I like the fish ones and the last one alot. Especially like the lighting in the last one. Are these all items on your dresser/desk?

LoveLladro said...

ETW - while it is true they are useful... that's not the theme ;~)

tort - you are correct... your banned from playing!

em - thanks! I really like 'kitchy' type things and I guess it shows!

bexy - thanks... I didn't even see the primary scheme... funny what other people pick up and I don't!

DING DING DING - katie is the grand winner of the 50 G points. like I said, completely worthless monetarily but you have bragging rights now! all the items are things from my dresser!

Anonymous said...

1. I really like the angles in this one.

2. It feels like treasure!

3. I like that such a serious watch is living in such a goofy fish. :-) It makes me smile.

4. This one isn't my favorite. I'm guessing that google is part of your theme, but since I have no feelings about google, it doesn't do anything for me.

5. I love this one! I think it's my favorite. So playful, but I know better than to dive in. I would get hurt!

6. This one intrigues me. I like the shapes and the fuzzy color in the background.


chocolate hug said...

Hey Jessi! Your photos are really fun this week.

1.) This one struck me the most out of all of your photos this week because of the simplicity. I enjoy how the brown band gets fuzzy and disappears off the image.

2.)-3.) The two different views of the fish are very successful. I think if you took a third pic. you would have a very cute little study. That fish is just too adorable and the colours work together very well in both images.

4.)I agree with some of the others, this is probably the weakest of all the images, but it is an interesting composition. I have played around for a long time with the idea of including words in images. An image like this would speak more to a person who knows you.

5.) Although this image is quite pleasing, I have to say that the colour combo bugs seems to be a bit tacky...(lol sorry I had to say that...but as you can see some people really liked the colour comob...some things are just a matter of opinion!)

6.) What a fun necklace holder! No tangled chains!