Sunday, January 17, 2010

I heart Thomas

It's true Chase is a huge fan of Thomas so that does endear me to the little blue engine... but my love for him goes way beyond that now.

You may remember THIS post where I bought a Thomas train set for Chase at a yard sale. It was marked $30 and I offered $20 and got it. Because it was a little too advanced at the time, the train set went into storage. At the same yard sale, I also bought 5 wooden magnetic Thomas trains which Chase received immediately.

Over time we saw how enthralled Chase was with the wooden trains... collecting a few more along the way. We decided that instead of giving him the train set (which was not compatible with his wooden trains) we would sell it and get him the big train table.

So we started checking the interwebs to see what a reasonable price would be. Amazon gave us prices around $250.

Surely that had to be a mistake.

We checked every picture, every description, every nuance and it was the exact same. Our box was slightly worn but the pieces had never been taken out of the box... twisty ties securely in place and all.

Clearly people were selling it for $250 but what could we really expect someone to pay for it?

Turns out I ebay.

Someone bought Thomas the Tidmouth Sheds from us for $92 (plus the s&h).

Massive Win.


Anonymous said...

That is pretty good!

I was at a toy store recently and kind of glad that Minhae is not into Thomas too much. Wow, those little trains and sets are expensive!

dkamfam said...

Woo hoo! That is awesome! Way to sell. You didn't even know the bargain you got!