Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love a good deal

Twice a year there is a huge kids yard sale in Hagerstown and a few of us moms decided to get up extra early and get some good deals. We met at Dunkin Donuts at 6 am... had coffee and donuts (like you do) and then headed to the site... at 6:30... because it 'opened' at 7. Well after we sat in the line to park for 15 minutes, finally parked in the back row and started walking toward the sale... we got hip to the fact that people were let in early... as in before 6.

We vow to camp at the site next time.

Still, we trudged ahead hoping to score some good deals.

Personally I was looking for bigger items. Chase has enough small toys... you know the ones that always always seem to be right where you are going to step? Adam and I have put the kibosh on quantity and are focusing more on quality.

So I had my allotted dollar amount in hand and I was ready to wheel and deal.

Except I hate haggling. I questioned the girls about their abilities and got some good tips... keep reading to see if I learned anything.

I believe these were my first purchase(s) of the day. She wanted $2 a piece and I paid $2 a piece... not a great start to haggling. However, I looked them up when I got home and the median price I found was $11 a piece... so, not too shabby.

From left to right: Skarloey, Percy, Lady, Thomas, Duncan

My second purchase of the day was this gem. Let me start by saying that Chase has become enamored with Elmo. He asks for him a lot lately, whether in TV or book form. I also had in my mind that it would be fun to have a tool bench for him. She was asking $10 and I offered $8... sold! I did it... I haggled... well I technically just asked... but I still got it for less money! My mom would be proud.

Oh and we looked this up later and found prices ranging anywhere from $50 - $260... I think the higher prices are because this may not be available anymore. That's the only plausible explanation we can come up with. Whatever the case, still a great find.

Oh and it has all the pieces it comes with... a rarity!

Next I saw this bead maze and just loved it. Chase plays with the one in the doctors office every time we are there... and this one has cars and trains... score! She was asked $7... I offered $4... she countered with $5... sold! I did it!!!! I haggled!

I fell in love with this... although we will probably keep this tucked away for a little while. I think it is still a little 'old' for Chase... plus tomorrow morning will already look like Christmas! This was marked "Never Opened $30.00"... I offered $20 and she took it! Just for asking... LOVE IT!

$5 for 5 puzzles + a bag... I paid it. I was tired. Once I opened it at home I saw a tag on the bag that said 4 puzzles and the price was $24... so I still consider this a win!

Probably one of my favorite buys of the day...

Little Tikes Play Smarter Cook n' Learn kitchen! Let me back up to say that Chase loves playing with these little kitchen sets. 3 of our friends have one and Chase has been showing more and more interest when we are at their houses. The last time, I started thinking about actually investing in one for him... but I was loathe to because of how girly they are. Now I am all for breaking down gender stereotypes... especially if my little man wants to be a chef but him playing at a pink and white kitchen with a lovely scalloped purple awning... I couldn't wrap my mind around it.

Enter this kitchen (which Dannette pointed out to me... thanks girl!). It's perfectly masculine yet has all the necessary kitchen items! I was sold. She was asking $35... I offered $25 and she said yes!

It came with all the parts you see here... which truth be told, there are a few (probably a quarter) missing but if and when I want to add to or replace... it will be a heck of a lot cheaper. Plus, Chase doesn't know they are missing! <> <>

Close up of the food and utensils!

This was SO much fun and I am just pleased as punch at all the great deals I got. I cannot wait for Chase to wake up and discover all the new toys to play with!

Scratch that... yes I can. I am tired and I was up at 5! Goodnight all!


Ebeling Family said...

looks like a great day was had by you!! awesome finds! I LOVE garage-saling-
I gotta find me a huge garage sale with this caliber of quality ;)
Hope Chase is enjoying them today!
(Merry Christmas- 6 months early)

SissyKristin said...

Christmas in June-- Love it! Our family used to do Christmas in July and it was a huge hit. You did a fab job negotiating. Next stop, NYC street vendors?! C'mon.....there's fab shopping here!

lmcarmitage said...

You got some awesome deals!!! Hope he liked everything!

Anonymous said...

They look awesome! Think it will be my next task. To find a good yard sale for kid's items!

dkamfam said...

You got some AWESOME deals. Can't wait to come over and play! Er, I mean, Lexi will play :). Your early morning paid off.

Mandy said...

hey, I see you around on some other blogs I read so I thought I would stop by:) I love that the kitchen set isnt "girly" .. my son loves to play with that stuff but all the sets I see are pink!! congrats on of your great finds!!

Johnnie Avocado said...

well...somebody went overboard!

Laura said...

I'm so jealous I couldn't go!!! You got some great stuff. I would have fought you for the tool bench and kitchen ;)

Caleb and Adrienne said...

when can we come over and play?