Saturday, January 09, 2010

A bunch of stuff

So New Years was fairly low key for this family. We put a very tired cranky 2 year old to sleep at 7:30 and proceeded to veg for the rest of the night. We watched The Hangover (not as bad as I thought it would be... I was actually pretty into it) and since it was already 11:30, we watched the ball drop.

It was perfect.

Anytime I have tried to plan a New Years event... going out, dressing up or whatever, it never quite turns out like I planned. I tend to build events up in my mind and then when they don't meet those expectations... total let down.

So, bumming it at home with a sleeping baby and a loving husband was perfect.

New Years day was about the same speed. We enjoyed the snow from inside, played play doh, played cars... you know, the usual.

Then we decided to build a house.

Helping Daddy with the super glue icing.

Getting it just right...

Making sure Daddy is doing it right.

Getting the roof attached... then (unfortunately) waiting 30+ minutes for the icing to dry. That's a long 30 minutes in toddler time.

Finally... decorating time!

I mean this is a masterpiece of epic proportions!

I bet you won't find a nicer house on the block!

Here are a few other random shots...

Pink butterfly wings in music class. No one pulls it off quite like Chase.

We got another dusting of snow yesterday which unfortunately canceled my MOPS meeting. So chase and I decided to make the best of it and get some fresh air.

He wanted so badly to help shovel so I gave him the ice scraper... he was in snow heaven.

All bundled up!

We even managed to take a walk around the neighborhood. Every time I asked if he wanted to go back home he said "No mommy. I'm just walking". As cute as that was, I finally had to insist we go home... his cheeks were a shade of red that I don't often see on skin.

Currently we are listening to Chase on the monitor going "Boom Shock a lock ahhhh" over and over. Apparently that is something Daddy has been teaching him ;~)

Ok, back to the post. I had a rough time over the holiday... especially once Christmas was over. I guess there is a post Christmas blues phenomenon that I didn't see coming. I was tired a lot and in a funk most of the time. Try as I might I couldn't shake it. Plus the fact that Chase was testing my every nerve (probably because he sensed discontent in me)... well it made for a very rough few days. Monday rolled around and Adam went back to work and Chase and I got back into the regular routine... storytime, music class, bamma's house, errands.. Well, that did wonders for the funk! In Chase's case, that routine is key to our survival. He's been happier, more loving and more manageable... and truth be told, so have I.


Anonymous said...

Boom shock a lock ah? oh, man... you should post a video clip of that. How cute it would be. lol

Back to normal... It was not so easy on me either, but finally we have a happy toddler at our house too!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Getting back to the routine definitely has its' advantages! :-)