Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Extended

We were lucky enough to receive 2 Apple TV's for Christmas but seeing as how we only have 1 TV (and I want to keep it that way), we decided to sell one.

You know, the one that wasn't set up within hours upon receipt.

1 post on twitter/facebook that we wanted to sell it and it was gone... I love the interwebs.

So now Adam and I had Christmas money to play with... which we split it even stevens... down to the penny because that's how we roll ;~)

Now I have to interject that I have been drooling over a particular diaper bag for a few months... and drooling is putting it mildly. The moment I saw it I wanted it... no, coveted it. Unfortunately the tight grip on my wallet wouldn't allow for it's purchase. You see not only am I cheap but I already have several diaper bags in what can only be described as a diaper bag graveyard (aka the floor of my closet). So... the thought of shelling out good money for yet another one gave me pause. I decided I had to make myself really want it... to ensure it's allure was real and to ensure I treasured it once I got it.

So now I have Christmas money... and I keep saying 'Christmas money' because in my mind Christmas money is money for fun and desire... not for paying the bills. You pay the bills with regular old everyday money. I digress. Immediately my thoughts go to the diaper bag... but it's a lot of money... but it's Christmas money... but it's something that is fun and I really want it... but it's a lot of money... but I really love it... but it's a lot of money. Get the drift?

Then I involve the poor unsuspecting husband.

Jessi: *sigh* "I really want this diaper bag"

Adam: "You should get it... you've waited a long time and it's Christmas money"

Jessi: "But it's so much"

Adam: "You wouldn't say that if someone bought it for you"

Jessi: "But I could get clothes"

Adam: *silence as he tries to figure out how to get out of this conversation and back to his computer* "I think you should get it"

Now do that approximately 4 days in a row. I kid you not.

So finally I do some promo code googling. If I am ever going to get it, I am most certainly not going to pay for shipping.

BTW - if you don't promo code google when you are buying online, you are cheating yourself out of good dollars. Always google "{name of store} promo code"... you'll be amazed at what you find.

It worked... I find free shipping! Score.

But I am not satisfied... I google more and find a 10% off code! Sweet!

So you think I would be sold... pull out the credit card and hit submit right? Wrong.

I sit on it for a day... maybe 2, I can't remember.

So I finally come back ready and willing to buy and low and behold my 10% code isn't working. Fudge. I try over and over again... and I google to see if I can find it again... nothing.

I tap on the poor unsuspecting husband's shoulder (side note: I love this man and I am so glad he loves me)... my code doesn't work, help me... tap tap tap... try this... tap tap tap... how about this... tap tap tap... try this one....

And it worked! I got my free shipping and the 10% off!!! Thankfully I learned my lesson... I pulled out the credit card and hit submit.

I am now the proud new owner of this diaper bag.

She looks black but she's really more of a deep deep navy blue.

And she has so many pockets and holds so much... and has a sweet little wallet attachment.

And best of all, she has sippy cup pockets! Truly the only thing that stood between me and every gorgeous purse out there was the lack of sippy cup pockets. There is nothing like looking down and seeing milk pooling at the bottom of your purse to really bum you out.

I finally feel like I have an attractive bag on my shoulder! Is it a purse? Is it a diaper bag? Who knows!!!

I'm thinking of naming her.


dkamfam said...

Ok, I am so like that.
And that bag is ADORABLE! I have a little bit of bag envy, and I like my bag! It's even cuter in person. Great purchase! Love it forever. You must after all of this :).

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking her name is "Sheila" ?

- nan :)

chocolate hug said...

I hear you on the sippy cup pocket. I found a bag at Old Navy that was on sale and had pockets on the side that could fit a sippy cup in them. And wouldn't you know it, I wore the thing out. Just bought a new bag to tote around. Am down sizing since potty training is complete! Yeah!

It sure helps to have a bag you like....incentive to carry all that stuff around all the time. It's really cute! And I should totally name "her". :)

The Townleys said...

OMG sippy cup pocket is MONEY! I can't tell you how many times I've had a lake of juice, milk, or water in the bottom of my purse. Congrats on your Christmas money purchase. From the girl who used to 'lick the charger' on the phone, I feel like this is 'my moment'. I'm so proud.

Carrie and Scott said...

does it come in different colors...and I LOVE IT! I LOVE BAGS too! where did you find it, if i may ask?