Friday, January 29, 2010

Becoming a seamstress

I did it.

I broke out the sewing machine and just started stitching. I was quite literally holding the instruction manual up right next to the machine while trying to place the thread here and around here and under this and through the needle.

But I did it!

I remembered to fold the fabric twice so it looks nicer (I forgot that on my very first project... the curtain in our kitchen is rough around the hem ;~)

I ran the thread straight to the end on this project. Then I talked a friend and she told me the right way to end a stitch. Thanks Rose!

But I kept plugging away... just making mistakes and fixing them until finally I ended up with this:

My very own nursing cover! No, I am not pregnant... but I plan to be and after that, I plan to have a newborn to nurse... and then I will need a nursing cover. Truthfully the reason I attempted this was because when Chase was first born I bought a cover from Target. Then, before I even tried using it, I took it back. I just couldn't afford to spend the money... but, I really wanted one.

So once I got it in my head to start sewing... I thought it would be the perfect project!

I got to choose the fabric that I love and I even managed to get the boning in at the top (so it stays propped slightly open and you can see your little one ;~)

I am so happy and can't wait to use it!

Another sewing project I had in mind was a cover for our filing cabinet. It doubles as a table in our back room so we were looking for ways to make it more of a table and less of a filing cabinet.

This was really easy... just hem each side! Although it did provide good practice at sewing a straight line!

My next project was a baby blanket for Gabriel (similar to the one I made Rose). I definitely learned a lot from one baby blanket to the next and this one went much quicker! Sorry ladies... I am practicing my sewing skills on you and your kids ;~)

After I finished the blanket I had a good bit of leftover fabric. So what better way to use it...

then make a nursing cover for Christine/Gabriel! She, unlike me, could use one right now... which if you remember in THIS post I called attention to the polka dot fabric... yep, she used it that very day ;~)

I worked on my stitching a little more... noticeably not going to the end. Instead learning how to double back and end the stitch there ;~)

I had such fun with these projects that I was actually disappointed when I was finished... I wanted to think of something else to make!

If anyone is interested in buying a nursing cover or a baby blanket... I think I might try my hand at selling some creations to bring in a little extra income. Let me know if you are interested!


Mandy said...

next up ... Sadie's skirt :)

Mandy said...

you know you want to

Maybe someday Chase will even get to wear it :)

Rose said...

Great backstitching! You can def still go all the way to the end (I do!), just backstitch before you get there! Josie loves her blankets!!

Paul said...

You should sell them on etsy.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Set up an etsy shop! Those are really, really cute - I love your fabric choices. I bet they'd sell like hotcakes!

kathi said...

I am so proud of you! I've always wanted to learn to sew, but I'm not very patient and have enough trouble with a needle and spool of thread. Again, so proud of you!

Insung said...

Yay! You will find sewing is so addictive. Sewing, fabrics, so many project ideas... just so little time to do all that! Great job everything you started with. I am so excited for you!

Ebeling Family said...

very nice!!
SO jealous that you have a sewing machine- glad you have a cover! I LOVE mine, which was also handmade. But not by me.
Anywho, great job- and CUTE fabric!