Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking a dip

When your child does this:

and this:

and this:

and finally starts doing this:

it might be a good idea to demand he stay away from the fountain.

Lest this happen:

Yep. Chase fell... or rather rolled into the fountain at the mall.


You just can't make this stuff up.

Ironically enough Mandy and I were just talking about what the pictures would look like if he fell in... and literally seconds before he fell in Mandy was asking if I would take pictures or go after him.

As it turns out, I would go after him.

Maybe the Mother of the Year award isn't quite out of my reach?

I don't know if I can convey the level of extreme embarrassment that sets in once you know that your child is fine. I'm holding a sopping wet screaming toddler... trying to comfort him without soaking myself in the process. Also I am attempting to remove as many clothes as possible while I wait for a custodian to bring towels.

I start to say something along the lines of "this is what happens when you play..." and then I stopped myself. No way I am blaming this on him. I am the 31 year old parent and he is the unsuspecting 2 year old. I told him I was sorry (a few zillion times).

I do the standing diaper change because anyone who knows anything about diapers knows how much they balloon up the moment water touches them.

I am alternating between crying and laughing at the insanity that is this situation.

There seemed to be an inordinate amount of water on the floor... I had no idea how much water a toddler and his clothes could soak up.

All the while I am attempting not to drench the floor with even more water... lest I create more work for the custodian who is now mopping up our mess.

Meanwhile Katy is getting a plastic bag from a nearby store so I have somewhere to put Chase's previously dry and adorable jeans, tshirt, sweater, socks and chucks.

And as this is going on the mall security comes over to ensure that Chase isn't actually injured (you know, more than emotional pride). I assure him that he is fine.

Mandy is alternating between taking pictures (which she knew I would want) and digging out her spare set of clothes so Chase has something to change into...

Yep. This might be the pinnacle (hopefully) of Chase's cross dressing.


He's so pretty.

I love this kid.


dkamfam said...

Oh my. To think that I could have seen it - I was in the same mall! I can imagine the intense embarrassment so I am sorry for that. I am glad he is ok and that you are ok :). But Chase in head to toe girls clothing really is the best - it has been a progression! I'm proud that Lexi's leggings have been a part of it. I am so glad you have photos to enjoy now that you survived. Because we do survive these moments, don't we?

Rose said...

ROFL! How mortifying! I can't believe your friend even had a spare pair of shoes! Glad all is now well.

SissyKristin said...

this is easily the best thing i've heard all day. probably best i'll hear all week (only because he's okay and it's SO FUNNY). I love the pics!!

Dannette said...

I am so sad I passed on going to the mall today, I would have loved to see this happen in person. Glad he is ok. And LOVE the outfit, you better start carrying some extra clothes :)

Anonymous said...

He even looks so cute in that girl outfit. ;)
I do many time... THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU...!!!! Blah!!!! But like you wrote, I do need to say sorry to my girl many more times. Oh..I agree.

The Townleys said...

Okay, just FYI, I fell in Trevi Fountain (you know, the famous one in Italy) when I was three DOING THE EXACT SAME THING Chase is doing in these pictures while my mom was changing film in her camera... Until someone puts a FENCE around the mall fountain (google the trevi one- it's now fenced) I think you're okay. I'm really glad you could laugh about it :-)