Friday, January 22, 2010

Ready for potty training!

Well he is... me, not so much.

Yes I am looking forward to not having to change diapers... that part thrills me to no end. But the part where he is growing up and really becoming a big boy... yeah, that part makes me sad.

But we're armed and ready now thanks to Kare Kare! She sent a special belated Christmas Kare package to Chase (via daddy ;~) yesterday.

Awesome Elmo underwear... check! (and yes, it's kinda of like a frat part 24/7 over here)

Elmo teaching how to use the potty - complete with sound... check!

Brand new throne all for Chase - complete with an Elmo who says encouraging things when you high-5 him... check!!!

Oh yeah... I think he's ready!

He's in for a rude awakening if he thinks I am 1. leaving the potty here or 2. moving the TV into the bathroom.

Kare Kare also included this Build a Bear at home set which is going to be perfect for those potty training days when we are tied to the house!

Since we couldn't get down to see you Kare Kare, we made sure to video tape him opening his presents ;~)

Oh... when he calls the bears Hershey, he's talking about the bear I won for him at whack a mole at Hershey Park... who ever since then has a coveted spot in the crib next to Elmo.

Thanks again Kare Kare! We'll be starting potty training real soon!


namoo said...

Yay for the big boy! Minhae goes to potty from time to time but not so consistent. Then we were out for dinner last night and she insisted go potty. I doubted but she made a poop in the toilet. I was not prepared for that. I think I might carry clorox wipes from now too. What a fun in a public rest room!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Boys a little harder to work with than girls, but when they're ready, they're ready! Think of the money you'll save not buying diapers! :-)

chocolate hug said...

I hear you about mommy not being ready. I was terrified! I spent two days with Sam not letting him wear diapers and by the second day he was peeing all over the place every time he had to go. I was done. I'd had it. And nearly by accident I struck gold...I found out what would eventually get him to learn how to go. The right incentive really helps! Actually I think after showing Sam what to do, he had to decide that he wanted to do it. He was too pressured the first time.

Elmo Potty Time is a GREAT video for potty training. I got it from the library and it helped a ton!

I'll keep you guys in my prayers as you start this new adventure! Sam's only 2 and 7 months and he's COMPLETELY potty trained. We still have accidents from time to time...but no diapers!


everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

1.) I am thrilled that Chase is starting to potty train.
2.) I am jealous that your house is SO CLEAN!!
Love you and hope we can meet up this week. Give Chase a high-five from LM!!

asuthrngrl said...

We have that potty for Savannah. You want to laugh really hard? Elmo speaks Spanish. Just Spanish. I have unscrewed the thing, whacked it, and talked gently to it but he still only speaks Spanish. So, imagine a naked toddler standing the b-room before her bath, who is saying, "Hola, Elmo! Hola! But I NOT go potty on you! I NOT yike (like) you." Yeah, frustration, much? She REFUSES. We will be in diapers until I am in them myself. :( Stubborn her mama, you think?