Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Road Tripping in Daddy's Car!

The Jeep would have been more comfortable but it was in the shop being repaired to the tune of a ridiculous amount of dollars. *sigh*

On to happier topics... today Chase and I headed down the road to meet up with my BFF Christine (have I mentioned her here once or four thousand times?), Andrew and the newest addition baby Gabriel!

Brand new baby... sign me up! Oh and BFF and godson... definitely wanted to see them too.

We decided to meet at a halfway point... the Ellicott City Station of the B&O Railroad. Both our boys are wildly into trains and they have a great winter time train garden.

Since Chase has been less than stellar on road trips recently, I wanted to try out a portable DVD player (thankfully we were able to borrow from a friend). It definitely did the trick... he was mesmerized for most of the trip.

However, I am on the fence about whether that was a good or bad thing. It was nice not to have screaming or whining but I really missed our interaction in the car.... pointing out trucks, finding grain elevators and just general chatting. I think I'll wait on purchasing one... at least for now.

Thankfully one of us (us being Christine and I) was paying attention to the hours of operation for the train museum. Christine realized the last night that the museum didn't open until 11. Yep... the one with a 22 month old and a 5 week old was more on top of it then the one with a 2 year old. She is impressive folks.

So we met at the public library and enjoyed a little free (and fun) entertainment.

So many bins and so little time!

I hope this is always the case.

Working on a puzzle together.

Christine with her boys... her boys... plural... she has 2 of them. I just can't get over it. It seems like just yesterday we were preteens running around GBAofG, fighting over Dave and listening to Teen Spirit. Man how time flies.

I digress.

Leaving the library and heading to see trains elicited this response:

The boy loves trains ;~)

My boy and I in front of the granddaddy of the train gardens. He's tired and hungry here... definitely no smiling allowed.

I had to get at least one picture of us all together... and Gabriel couldn't go without making his presence known.

The bell you ring for good luck... the boys weren't too sure about it. Just a little too loud for their taste.

Of course I had to get my snuggle time in with Gabriel...

so we started at the train garden...

where he was in a 'no pictures, please' kind of mood.

So then we went to lunch at Friendly's...

where he was in a 'now I am full and happy, ready to snuggle' kind of mood.

I was more than happy to oblige.

I am in love.

Also, take notice of the brown blanket with green polka dots... that may be part of an upcoming blog post. (one that I know Rose wants to see ;~)

After lunch we all hit the road.


quickly turned into this:

To say he was tired is a gross understatement... but as always he did awesome. I love this kid so much!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Looking at his 5 pt harness seat makes me extra happy my littlest finally moved to a big girl booster that uses the lap/shoulder belt. :-)

Ebeling Family said...

what an amazing day for the kids- and you, too-
I love how tuckered out kids can get, and how they just slump in the car after a long day. Something so comforting in that!

And, OH - is that baby CUTE!!! such a head of hair. amazing gift!


Insung said...

He looks like a big boy in the last pic. How quickly they all grow.

kathi said...

My boys are 18 months apart, I loved having them close together! Charlie is visiting Casey this weekend at UNT, I love how close they are. Melts the heart. Get goin', sweetie, time's a wastin'. :)

Chase will be the best big brother and a great mama's helper for the little one!