Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm sorry,

where did the week go?

I have grand dreams of posting on a regular basis but life just seems to get in the way.

Tuesday 'the moms' and I decided to head back out to Greenbrier for some more fun in the sun. I figured that I would take my camera but probably not use it...

who's laughing? Cut it out!

Anyway, I thought I probably wouldn't use it because we were just there and really, how many pictures your kid in the water does one parent need.

As it turns out, more than I had.

Chase trying to catch one of the many fish. To any of you that know I am more a city girl than country girl... yes it does creep me out that I am in the same water as fish but I choose to ignore that fact because I love the rest of the experience!

BTW - how cute does Chase look in his water shirt? My little surfer!

And this definitely didn't happen on the last trip but needed to be documented! The best part... whoever was doing the pulling was getting a fabulous resistance workout! (Again, for any of you that know me, yes that is the most training for the 3day walk I have done in weeks. Stop judging me.)

And look at this lovey just playing in the water... I definitely had to capture that moment!

The feet floating in the water... so sweet!

While I was getting packed up to leave (quite the process!) Chase chilled out in his beach chair with 'mamah's' water.

I think I will be purchasing a summer pass. I see us here at least once a week... if not more!

Then today was an extra special day... Jaime, Craig and Jackson came to visit Chase and I! Well technically they were headed to Frostburg for Camp Hope... which meant that they would pass right by our exit... which if they hadn't stopped, would have made me cry for 2 weeks.

So they did the right thing and stopped by!

It actually worked out quite perfectly as I was able to feed them lunch and Jackson got a nice break from the car!

I think THIS is the last time I saw this bundle of joy.

And this is what walked in my door! Oh and I did say walked... at 9 months old. And he is quite good at it! Impressive little dude!

Lucky for me, Jaime is good at posting Jackson updates and videos so I have gotten to see him grow... virtually at least! But boy did it feel good to hold him! So sweet and lovey... and the kid can smile... he lights up the darkest room!

However, in addition to his smiles... he can give you a whole host of other faces...

Like this "I'm a little unsure about what is happening so I will eat my bottom lip" face. (My son on the other hand knows that I want to take a picture and refuses to stay sitting on the chair... and thinks it's hysterically funny ;~)

Or this face... "You put me in these Chase shoes and I am not at all happy about it... you want to rethink that decision" face...

which quickly gives way to the "I'm just joshin ya, these shoes are fine... they're actually quite comfy" smiley face!

I predict this will be his "I'm watching sports, please don't disturb me" face. A couple kids started shooting hoops and Jackson immediately noticed and was transfixed... I see couch time/sports watching with daddy in his future!

3 of my most favorite people in the whole world! It was so great to see you guys and please stop in whenever you are driving by!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Seriously, I was not laughing. :0
I am glad you have a wonderful group of mommy friends around you. I started thinking about quitting or doing part-time recently but sometimes I fear that we may get stuck in a house all day! Love all kids floating in the water. How cute!

Ebeling Family said...

what an awesome day- love the water photos! chase IS totally cute in his surfer shirt ;)

chocolate hug said...

This week's photo challenge is water! You should submit some of these! I especially love the one of all the kids lined up in a row like a little kiddie floater train.


Johnnie Avocado said...

dude....summer is the time to go out and have fun...don't feel guilty about not sitting behind a computer and blogging.....I live the congo line in the water!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the kids all lined up is outstanding!!!(from Craig) They're all great but that's Craig's fav! Thanks for posting the great pics of Jackson! Hope to see you soon!
Love, Jaime