Sunday, June 07, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Whew... I am exhausted! I should be sleeping but alas, here I am updating all my faithful (re: 14) followers!

Dave enlisted Adam and I's help to throw a surprise party for Kari. I threw the idea of shoe shopping without the kiddies and Kari bit... what women wouldn't? We spent a few hours at the mall (which is no small feat... it's a small mall people!) and came back to a house full of people. Kari never suspected anything... even when I spent WAY too much time trying to figure out texting on my new phone. New phone + covert operations = failure. Oh well... Kari chalked it up to me being techno geeky about a brand new phone ;~)

Here is the happy family!

This was way too cute not to post. Not sure how this happened... if they talked about it beforehand... but both of them came out, books in hand, and sat down to read. Freaking precious stuff here.

Again, too cute not to post. That Sadie is a good hugger!

Can you tell I think babies hugging is adorable?

Sunday brought a shower for Jessica... our first mommy to welcome baby #2! Little Chloe should be arriving on Thursday, as long as she doesn't decide to make an earlier appearance!

Apparently I totally slacked and only took a couple pictures! I guess that is what no kids will do to you... I thoroughly enjoyed talking, laughing, eating and being relaxed without chasing around my munchkin. In fact I am guessing all the moms felt that way. Every single child was home with their daddies... except Adrianna, who seemed to relish being the only little person there!

After the shower Adam and I decided to break out our new toy from Kare Kare... a huge fun filled pool! And when I say 'Adam and I', I really mean Kari. She just wanted to be able to bring her daughter over to play in the pool... but she offered to bring dinner too and that clinched it!

Seriously though... it's supposed to rain and thunderstorm the rest of the week so it was either today or next week... we chose today!

On a side note, what the heck is up with all the rain? I mean I know, things need to be watered... growth, all that jazz. I get it but come on! It's been non-stop for so long and the gloomy gray weather makes for some rough stay at home mommy days! Come on sunshine!

My little model

Playing before we filled it up!

I thought he might be a little hesitant... he isn't really too familiar with pools...

but nope. He climbed right up and jumped in! I love how he is starting to explore and take more chances. Well, I love it to a degree... the other part of me has several heart attacks throughout the day. Welcome to motherhood.

Yeah, not really being shy about playing. I think this pool will get some use this summer!

In case he fell overboard. Poor dog.

Daddies playing with their babies!

I have no words.

Like all good play dates, an end must come...

but not without the ever adorable hug goodbye.


Ebeling Family said...

wow- SO MANY adorable pictures- looks like an amazing pool!
Sorry about the rain...maybe you could send a little our way- things are drier than normal up here- well, in spots anyway- we've had gray days in my part of town, but hardly a drop of rain.
Makes for slower garden-growing ;(
Anywho- chase is getting cuter and cuter every day- he's starting to look more "grownup"....maybe i shouldn't say's kinda sad, isn't it? but happy at the same time.
Ok, now I'm rambling, I should be in bed, but I needed to visit the blogs I follow.
Yay!! I'm one of your followers ;)

Dannette said...

Love the picture of Chase and Jenna, too cute. And yes it was so nice to spend the afternoon relaxing with friends. Just wish it could have lasted longer.

KaraB said...

I second the motion about the rain...we need more days like beautiful.

Does Chase charge for those hugs? I'd like to buy one.

Can't wait for Saturday! :0)

Anonymous said...

Hugs...Can he be any cuter?
That pool looks awesome!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow - you did have a busy weekend. But, you were able to get lots of cute pictures out of it! :-)

Rose said...

That pool is awesome! Can I come play in it too? ;)

dkamfam said...

Hey, now, it's not like we didn't want to come hang out with you guys, too :). It was fun and we gave you an excuse to get that pool out! It's great! Looking forward to more play time in the water. Oh, and the time without the kids running around, priceless.

kathi said...

Too cute, ditto every comment here. Every picture adorable, even Riley made me say 'awww'. Love the pool, too!