Friday, June 19, 2009

Port Discovery and the Beach

Well the beach at the lake... we don't have a whole lotta ocean out here in Hagerstown! But we will get to that later.

Thursday I met up with Christine and Andrew to check out Port Discovery... all I have to say is 'I am a believer!' That place is awesome... and Chase liked it too. We got there as it opened... literally we were #2 and #3 in line and went strong for 2 hours... and we only started to scratch the surface. My plan next time is to figure out a way to get Chase to nap for 30 - 45 minutes while we are there and then we can get up and spend more time exploring!

We went to the water room first.

One Chase caught onto this... there was no stopping him. The jet of water and the snare drum... it was on!

Chase and Andrew working together.

Next we headed to The Diner...

where Chase got right to cooking!

We took some time to ride off into the sunset.

This is in the Mysterious House...

he is his father's son!

Enjoying some time in the ball pit!

We were listening to story time until Chase spotted the goldfish. Which Chase can say... well he says 'gofshhh' but I know what he means... although when he says it, he is referring to the cheddar cracker variety. I think their secret ingredient might be crack... Chase cannot get enough. 'oameel', 'ot dawg' and 'gofshhh' are the 3 things Chase wants to eat at any given point in a day.

Today 'the moms' and I went to Greenbrier State Park to enjoy the beach and lake... and man did we enjoy it. I think we have collectively agreed that this will become a regular occurrence this summer.

Chase LOVED it. As soon as we arrived on the beach, he made a beeline for the water. I scooped him up, lathered him with sunscreen (although I missed a spot on his shoulder... poor little burn ;~( Note to self - get a shirt/short bathing suit before next week!), stuck him in his suit and followed him to the water. To my complete surprise he waded in with little to no hesitation.

We borrowed Jenna's sitting floaty...

Note to self... get one of those before next week!

I would be remiss, and horribly made fun of, if I didn't post this picture...

I swear he wanted in this floaty in the worst way. I think it was the steering wheel ;~) My boy does look pretty in pink though!

Just an FYI - the black box in the picture was one of the moms legs. We made a pact that no pictures of moms in swimsuits are to be put up for public consumption. This pact was made when we went to Shelby's pool on Wednesday but it is a standing agreement ALL summer long... right moms?

Yep... we did another line up shot... it's an addiction with us! That's Jack, Adrianna, L, Chase, Adam, Jenna and Aiden. We actually had one more mom there but she left a little earlier.

The pact doesn't include posting a picture of ourselves... and this one I will allow ;~) That's me and my boy at the lake.

I really couldn't get over how much fun it was. I remember looking around and thinking that this may be what Chase remembers about his childhood... coming to the lake to swim. I don't have those kinds of memories because we moved around a lot when I was growing up. Adam on the other hand can't drive down a street without reminiscing about a baseball game played at a certain field or pointing out a house where a friend used to live. I love to the idea of laying down roots here and I wish for Chase the same roots his daddy feels. I say that knowing full well that we will go wherever God takes us but for now... I can enjoy the idea.

Oh and BTW... hoping you don't get burned is NOT effective sunscreen. Consider yourself warned.


Christine said...

great the shots at the lake...reminds me of the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood...only without all the booze and drama :)

wish we had something like that around here!

kathi said...

Oh my, he is growing up so fast. Great pictures!! I loved seeing you, too. Glad y'all had such a good time.

Dannette said...

What a fun day! can't wait until next time

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Fun, fun, fun!!

KaraB said...

The water room and the diner...two of Claire's favorite places at Port Discovery!!!!

Hmmm...I might have to make a field trip out to the "beach." I got Claire a bathing suit!!! :-)

Caleb and Adrienne said...

still LOVE the line up shot. One day I will get one for myself....with my child in it!

Anonymous said...

I really should take Minhae to Port Discovery. Everyone who visited says it is an awesome place!

Oh so much of summer fun!

Johnnie Avocado said...

I really need to take Frodo to Port Discovery....he would love it. I'm So glad that you guys had fun.

Paco said...

Ok, so I used to go to Greenbrier growing up. Loved that place. It is full of great memories for Chris and I. Glad you guys found it!