Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Adam and I have wanted to plant a garden for awhile but we just haven't had the space... until now! This past weekend we planted 3 kinds of tomatoes: Roma, Champion Bush and Rutgers. We also planted Lady Bell (green) peppers, Blushing Beauty (yellow) peppers, Holy Mole peppers, and Yellow Banana peppers, Zucchini, and Cilantro.

Of course when I say 'we'... I really mean 'Adam'. He has spearheaded this adventure from the start. He dug out the grass, turned the soil, planted the plants/seeds, added mulch and invented ways to keep Riley from peeing on our garden (collective "ewwww").

Here is our (*his*) finished product!

It's hard to see but the stakes have deer netting through them to keep Riley out... a great suggestion from one of the employees at Lovell's nursery. Adam also had to fortify the corner so Riley's leash wouldn't just knock over the stakes. So far so good!

On top of the actual gardening Adam has taken to composting. Here he is with his first concoction!


It feels good because we are putting less in the landfills and actually still 'using' any food that we don't get to in time. In fact Adam has become quite the pariah of scraps... I had to warn him that if my good food goes missing he is in big trouble!

Can't wait to see the fruits (and veggies!) of our (Adam's) labor!


chocolate hug said...

What a cute little garden! It's amazing what you can grow in a small area. Did you guys transplant the cilantro? I've had no luck with that and later learned that cilantro does not transplant very well...and it can be planted successively since it goes to seed very fast. I have to go pick up more cilantro seeds, I sowed some in our garden last week and am waiting for them to come up.

I wish we had room to compost! We always had one when I was a kid.

Can't wait to see how your plants do!


Dannette said...

Freah Veggies from the garden are the best. Growing up my dad always had a fairly big garden with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. He still has it so my mom will give me bags of veggies throughout the summer

Anonymous said...

Wow. Your garden looks great already. I have planted 4 this year-2 tomatoes, 2 peppers. They are in a pot as we were just too lazy to create a garden as you did. It will be awesom when you get veggies from your own garden.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'll have to find that netting too. I love your garden!

LoveLladro said...

CH - We actually started with the seeds for the cilantro so hopefully we will see some sprouts soon!

Dannette - I can't wait to have some yummy veggies... to just walk out back and grab some food for dinner... heaven!

In-Sung - Adam is the one with the energy for the garden... he has done everything!

ETW - We got it at the same nursery where we bought the plants... if that helps!

Ebeling Family said...

woo-hoo!! yay for gardens and compost- we also have started keeping EVERYTHING that goes bad- and throwing into our bunny-cage compost container ;)
We also have a rain barrel- saves incredible amounts of water! SO cool that you are gardening, too!