Saturday, May 16, 2009

A really fun day

Let me start by saying I know I have been picture heavy lately. It's summer and there are more events to attend... not only that but many of them are outdoors which lends itself to better pictures (at least for me!).

Not that anyone minds... Chase is a subject meant to be looked at often. Seriously... he is ridiculously cute.

Ok... onto today's events!

Meet Sadie...

Is she not adorable? And the pigtails... I mean come on!

Sadie celebrated her second birthday today! The theme was farm animals... Sadie's current fave... can you tell by the dress?

Her mommy and daddy rented a bounce house which I promptly suggested we all pitch in and buy it out right! What a BLAST!

Chase tended to spend a good bit of time like this:

...but usually popped up looking like this.

As you might have noticed, our group is obsessed with the group shot... a difficult task with children in general, let alone 1 and 2 year olds!

These aren't all the kids in attendance... just the ones in the bounce house at the time.

This photograph sums up my life now... running after/trying to catch Chase and he is getting faster! Dave kindly pointed out that I should have named him Sedentary. A rose by any other name...

One of the biggest hits of the party was Olive.

All of the kids just loved her. They took turns petting her, walking her, squealing at her.... it was so adorable. Olive's mommy, Abby, was a great sport about it! Click HERE to read more about Olive!

Chase made sure to give Sadie a hug at the end of the party!

Warning to my son... those legs in the upper right picture are Sadie's daddy... be a gentleman Chase!

After a fantastic nap Chase woke up ready to go... but we didn't have anywhere to be. So I called Kari and invited myself over... hemmed and hawed until she invited me over... bribed her with dinner so I could come over.

I brought the ingredients with me and made my new favorite Chicken pesto recipe. It did not disappoint! My biggest joy is that Chase eats it... without fuss... even the chicken. This is no small feat people! Applause please.

After dinner I quickly realized that Chase had once again soaked through his diaper. I say that like it's his fault... I am the mom here... I think I should take responsibility. Nah... Chase did it.

Well of course I had no spare clothes (although I did have a diaper this time... call it a wash?).... so we raided Lexi's wardrobe yet again.

Not too shabby!

The bright aqua makes you think twice about it being girls clothing on a little boy but whatever... it's dry and that's all that counts! Thanks again Lexi... Chase will be through your entire wardrobe in no time.

And because I haven't posted them yet, here are Chase's pictures from our carnival diaper debacle.

I think he totally rocks the black leggings... hot stuff... check out that tushy!

Some of you may remember THIS post... cross dressing is not new to Chase.

I figure he can print these posts and hand them directly to the therapist... it will save us time and money.

I digress...

Chase and Lexi are so amazing these days. They are really interacting with each other and for long periods of time... it's pretty fun to watch them discover the world around.

Here is Lexi tickling Chase...

I would say she did a good job... Chase looks sufficiently tickled ;~)

Tomorrow promises to be good too! Adam's second birthday party is tomorrow afternoon! Party hardy!


KaraB said...

OK, I'm loving the black leggings!!!! lololol

and can you ask sadie's mommy where she got the adorable dress sadie is wearing? i think my tomboy child would look so cute in it! and i pray someday she can have pigtails as cute as that!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I bought Buddy a pair of black leggings as part of a Halloween costume (he was a jester) - but then I gave them to a friend with a little girl! LOL. You all have lots of parties to attend these days - have fun!

kathi said...

One thing I learned early on is that kids don't care what they wear, and love wearing other kids clothes. Regardless, he's adorable in whatever he's got on. Just thank God you keep your camera close by!!

Anonymous said...

I just feel love reading your blog. Days are filled with love when the little ones are around.

Yeah... I agree with your comment on the black leggings. :-0

Ebeling Family said...

fantastic pics- I LOVE picture heavy blogs, myself...hmm, I wonder why.. ;)
What is your chicken pesto recipe? I am always looking for new ways to make chicken (since we don't eat a whole lot of red meats)


dkamfam said...

The pesto chicken recipe is a keeper, for sure. I'm just glad we got to keep the leftovers! Thanks for bringing it over. It was a lot of fun and the kids obviously loved it. You got some great action shots of your boy Sat. And the tickle photo is priceless!